The american civil war

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The american civil war by Mind Map: The american civil war

1. union states

1.1. delaware

1.2. pennsylvania

1.3. new jersey

1.4. georgia

1.5. connecticut

1.6. massachusetts

1.7. maryland

1.8. south carolina

1.9. new hampshire

1.10. virginia

1.11. new york

1.12. north carolina

1.13. rhode island

1.14. califonia

2. Matthew Brady's Photography

3. general grants victories in the west

4. the battle of shiloh

4.1. April 6, 1862, 40,000 Confederate soldiers under the command of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston attacked union soldier on the Tennessee river,

5. the fall of new orleans

5.1. New orleans was the jewel of the confederates but had very little time setting up defenses for it and eventually lost it.

6. general lee's victories in the east

7. general lee invades the north

8. battle of antietam

9. 54th massachusetts

9.1. of July 18, 1863 the black soldiers were tired, hungry and proud of winning many battles,

10. conscription

11. economy of the war

11.1. The civil wars economy was one of the most expensive wars and devastated many families.

12. women in the war

12.1. around 400 women disguised themselves as men and went to war.

13. civil war prison camps

13.1. During the war some soldiers were captures and about 56,000 men perished in Civil War prisons.

14. the battle of gettysburg

15. the battle of the wilderness

16. the fall of richmond

16.1. The fall of richmond, With the lack of food and being attacked General shermen requested a peace tready and was denied.

17. costs of the war

17.1. 1,094,453 soldier were injured/killed and the war costed $2.5 million daily A final official estimate in 1879 totaled $6,190,000,000. The Confederacy spent almost $2,099,808,707

18. thirteenth amendment

18.1. January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865. The 13th amendment states that slavery was abolished and is bad.

19. president lincon assasinated

19.1. April 14 1865, while the civil war was coming to a close president lincon was assasinated on good friday in the fords theater.

20. consequences of the war

20.1. States powers decreased and the tready of peace ended.

21. confederate states

21.1. alabama

21.2. arkansas

21.3. florida

21.4. georgia

21.5. louisiana

21.6. mississippi

21.7. north carolina

21.8. south carolina

21.9. tennessee

21.10. texas

21.11. virginia

22. boarder states

22.1. delaware

22.2. maryland

22.3. west virginia

22.4. kentucky

22.5. missouri

23. The confederates stratagy

23.1. The confederates strategy was to defend and wait after the union soldiers were tired of attacking.When they did the confederate attacked.

24. The unions strategy

24.1. The union strategy was to capture the missisippi river and blockade the south ports and capture richmond viginia.This plan was known as the anaconda plan.

25. Fort sumter

25.1. April 12, 1861, General P.G.T Beauregard who was in control of the confederate forces around charleston harbor open fire on the union troops at fort sumter.ajor Robert Anderson, garrison commander, surrendered the fort and was evacuated the next day.

26. The first battle of bull run

26.1. July 16, 1861 the first bull run battle in the civil war.

27. the emancipation proclomation

27.1. in the emancipation proclomation it states that slavery was to be abolished.This changed the way of the war because the union troops had more soldiers and let black men fight.

28. african american soldiers

28.1. About 180000 were African-American. Forty thousand black soldiers died in the war.This was all allowed after the emancipation proclomation.

29. riots in richmond

29.1. Richmond riots over food shortages, angry women in richmond demanded a emergency supply of food

30. the battle of fredricksburg

30.1. On November 14th Union generals C. Feger Jackson and George Bayard, and Confederate generals Thomas R.R. Cobb and Maxey Gregg were killed.Theen bunside called off the offensive and recrossed the river.

31. the siege of vicksburg

31.1. Battle and Siege of Vicksburg, After crossing the missisippi river.The confederates were being attacked and had to hold out and wait for their reinforcements.

32. general sherman takes atlanta

32.1. The Battle of Atlanta was on July 22, 1864 to tave over the supply center of atlanta.

33. general sherman takes savannah

33.1. General sherman arrived over seas and held off the attack and waited for the confederates to retreat.

34. surrdener at appomattox

34.1. fought on the morning of April 9, 1865 where general lee had to surrender.