Great Gatsby

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Great Gatsby by Mind Map: Great Gatsby

1. Chapter 1

1.1. Nick heads over to East Egg to have dinner with Daisy and her husband Tom who is an old college friend.

1.1.1. Roaring Twentys Event 2.The Buchanans have a ton of money.

2. Chapter 2

2.1. They drink a lot Toms whiskey and Nick gets drunk for the second time in his life

2.1.1. Prohibition Event 2 When Nick says that he lives in West Egg one of the drunks explains about this guy Gatsby who has crazy parties.

3. Chapter 3

3.1. Nick meets a guy who gives him that look you look familiar. They both chat about being in World War one.

3.1.1. World War 1 The guy ended up to be Jay who is the Great Gatsby.

4. Chapter 4

4.1. We learn that Mr. Wolfsheim fixed the 1919 world series.

4.1.1. 1919 World Series We learn that Mr. Wolfsheim is Gatsby business partner.

5. Chapter 5

5.1. When Daisy sees Gatsby expensive shirts she gets all happy.

5.1.1. Rockefeller Nick questions Gatsby about his wealth, Gatsby gets all defensive

6. Chapter 6

6.1. We learn that Gatsby wants the impossible out of Daisy.

6.1.1. Women suffarage At dinner Tom leaves Daisy for another table where a girl is at, they set up a time to have a affair.

7. Chapter 7

7.1. Tom brings these extraordinary cocktails over for everyone.

7.1.1. Illegal activities in the 20s To break the tension they head into town and bring whiskey cause it makes things better

8. Chapter 8

8.1. Wilson goes on a crazy mission looking for who owns the yellow car, he ends up at Gatsby's house and shots are fired.

8.1.1. Gangsters and racketing Wilson shot Gatsby and him self both are died.

9. Chapter 9

9.1. Mr. Gatz says that his son was going to build up America

9.1.1. American Dream Gatsby wanted to rise over the poor and uneducated and become a wealthy person.