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Great Gatsby by Mind Map: Great Gatsby
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Great Gatsby

Chapter 1

Nick heads over to East Egg to have dinner with Daisy and her husband Tom who is an old college friend.

Chapter 2

They drink a lot Toms whiskey and Nick gets drunk for the second time in his life

Chapter 3

Nick meets a guy who gives him that look you look familiar. They both chat about being in World War one.

Chapter 4

We learn that Mr. Wolfsheim fixed the 1919 world series.

Chapter 5

When Daisy sees Gatsby expensive shirts she gets all happy.

Chapter 6

We learn that Gatsby wants the impossible out of Daisy.

Chapter 7

Tom brings these extraordinary cocktails over for everyone.

Chapter 8

Wilson goes on a crazy mission looking for who owns the yellow car, he ends up at Gatsby's house and shots are fired.

Chapter 9

Mr. Gatz says that his son was going to build up America