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trust behaviors by Mind Map: trust behaviors
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trust behaviors

being present

over communicate

use visuals and text

reveal personal information

appropriate platforms

being available

clear contact chanels

office hours

ask for contact

accessible to everyone

ask everyone

speak their language

keeping promises DWYSYWD

being predictable

rituals for communications

be consistant at all times

ask team members to be consistant

being optimistic

focus on benefits

use positive feedback often

consciously praise

demonstrating competence

professional expertise

soft skill competence

giving support

being proactive

asking if support is needed

networking support in the group



confirming behaviors

asking questions

taking alternatives seriously

handle conflict professionally

goal conflict+

method conflict+

personal conflict-

cross-cultural communication conflict

keeping confidentiality

being inclusive

push members to demonstrate skills

pass on the microphone

assign interrelated tasks

be aware of the quiet ones

over communicating

over simplified language

increased frequency

asking what was understood

multiplicity of chanels

not talking behind people's backs

speaking with good purpose at all times

non-tolerance of behavior

solving problems not blaming people

setting realistic expectations

taking initiative


frequent reflectionon team behaviors

proactive measures

using people's names

passing on trust and responsibilities

alternating virtual meeting facilitators

assigning sub teams

balance pleasant and unpleasant tasks

talking about trust openly

teaching feedback methods

serving as a role model

expecting team members to talk about trust

planning for trust

plan activities

understand that trust doesn't just happen

admit mistakes quickly

explain inconsistancy

speak with good purpose

demonstrate care for team members

keeping everyone informed always

appropriate distribution of information

explain non-inclusion

recordings of sessions

communicate plainly

intercultural communication awareness

reinforce communications with visuals

confirm understanding

ask "what" not "if"

explain miscommunication common

deliver on every promise

role model behavior

no matter how insignificant

document promises

celebrate trust

talk about it

talk about how you enjoy it

ask others how they feel

suspend doubt and pre-judging

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