DP Philosophy

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DP Philosophy by Mind Map: DP Philosophy

1. Introduction

1.1. Syllabus

1.2. The Big Questions: Pages 3-14

1.2.1. Buzzwords "Define your words!"

1.2.2. Aritculation Brad Pitt's T-shirt Animal Rights The rights of hunters

1.2.3. Argument

1.2.4. Analysis

1.2.5. Synthesis

1.3. Is it possible to know oneself? To know others?

1.3.1. The Guess Who When do they stop being The Guess Who? The Ship of Theusus What does a human's purpose for something have to do with what it is?

1.4. Common Fallacies

1.4.1. straw man argument/ Red herring Building an argument that isn't really there

1.4.2. Slippery Slope Argument

1.4.3. Ad Hominem Attacks

1.4.4. Gambler's fallacy If I flip a coin and it lands on heads, the next time it will most likely land on tails (WRONG)

1.4.5. Confirmation Bias Sure, you might like the beaches of Fiji, but the best beaches in the world are in Kuwait!

1.4.6. Argument from authority I'm right because I'm our teacher! Imagine that you are studying something for twenty years and then evidence shows that your hypothesis is wrong. You may hold onto that hypothesis despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

1.4.7. Bandwagon fallacy How could 90% of the people be wrong

1.4.8. Circular reasoning You can't give me a C, I'm an A student

2. Human nature:

2.1. Individuality

2.2. Universality

2.3. Diversity

3. Freedom and determinism

3.1. Topic 1

3.2. Topic 2

3.3. Topic 3

4. Civil Society, the State and government

4.1. Distinctions between state, nation, government and civil society; authority, sovereignty, power and corruption

4.2. Social Contract Theories of civil society and government consent

4.3. Civic Duty

4.4. Anarchy

4.5. Just War Theory

4.5.1. A lecture in a closet, but a good explaination When is violence justified? Six steps before the war What real world applications can you pull from the lecture?

5. Liberty and Rights

5.1. Positive and Negative Liberty

5.1.1. Detail 1

5.1.2. Detail 2

5.2. Legal and human rights

5.2.1. Detail 1

5.2.2. Detail 2

5.3. Degrees of censorship and freedom of information

5.3.1. Detail 1

5.3.2. Detail 2

5.4. Enhancement videos:

5.4.1. Harvard University Professor Michael Sandel: What's the right thing to do? Where is justice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBdfcR-8hEY Trolley choice problem R v Dudley and Stephens (1884)

6. Existential anxiety

6.1. Meaning and Meaninglessness

6.2. Responsibility and Authenticity

6.3. .

7. Plato's Republic

7.1. The Ideal State

7.2. The Tripartite Soul

7.3. Justice

8. Enhancement videos

8.1. VIDEO: The mind body problem. What role does awareness play in understanding what it means to be human?