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WIP Web Design Philosophy by Mind Map: WIP Web Design Philosophy
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WIP Web Design Philosophy

Content is King

Meaningful links

Persistent navigation

footer text links

top or left nav

Facilitate conversations

Stream of new content

Interactive content

One clear path!


"Swiss Army Knife"

Rock solid code

Semantic html

CSS naming - describe content, not appearance

Tags give meaning to content

No layout tables, Use CSS div-based

Keep it simple

microformats, cite attribute (blockquote), cite-rel


Validate Strict

Code Re-Use

External css, Avoid "classitis", Descendant selectors, tag based css, print, screen, mobile

Dreamweaver templates

Scripting language includes, ssi

Avoid image based navigation, CSS bulleted list


Good Info Architecture

directory structure

file naming conventions

Evaluate Site's Effectiveness

Analyze logs

Usability testing

"Don't Make Me Think"

Performance metrics

Alexa ranking

Google Analytics

Foveal View


Analyze trends

Re-evaluate needs

communicate with users

Monitor competition's sites

Measurable goal?

increased subscribers?

increased sales?

increase incoming links?

pagerank change?

Site Visibility


determine keywords, use in <title>, use in meta description, use in headings, use in links, use in text

submit to dmoz, google

keyword density < 10%

Inbound links

link exchange



traditional print?

link exchange


section 508


Online Forms

SQL injection

Header injection