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Online Diagram/FlowChart (2009/09/14) by Mind Map: Online Diagram/FlowChart (2009/09/14)
5.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5

Online Diagram/FlowChart (2009/09/14)



very pretty

"data validation"

Not super clear, but the website talc about using "KObjects" to embed logic within shapes for validation and other purposes... example not really on point, but seems to indicate that it's an approach to support different diagram types with behavior at the shape level rather than in the app itself  

I-go-you-go collaboration

Lucid Chart


live collaboration

most basic look of those reviewed

EULA claims charts produced as property of Lucid Chart

contact Lucid Chart guy

very interesting, looking for partners; ask about REST API and ding on ludicrous EULA chart ownership... so bad that one cannot use the chart for *any* purpose whatsoever, as written I can't even print it to take to a meeting or display chart on screen

Lovely Charts


collaboration in premium only

looks good



REST API big part of app

look great

large, navigable shape library with usage hints

overall solid, but a few small bugs

- connector arrows sometimes end up pointing wrong direction or skew off the connect points; jiggling the ends seems to fix it -process text sometimes want to go in center of shape (like task) - Ctrl-G, Ctrl-U, cut and paste, and I suppose all shortcuts do not work (on Mac and Linux) -allows save with no changes - BPM "data object" does not export correctly to SVG (as read by inkscape at least) - awkward to move a documents to another folder - awkward to create a document in anything but the "account folder"

missing features


wanted to try lucid chart first, but ludicrous EULA killed it

currently trying Gliffy, so far quite impressed