Online Diagram/FlowChart (2009/09/14)

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Online Diagram/FlowChart (2009/09/14) by Mind Map: Online Diagram/FlowChart (2009/09/14)

1. Creately

1.1. Flash/Flex

1.2. very pretty

1.3. "data validation"

1.4. I-go-you-go collaboration

2. Lucid Chart

2.1. Javascript

2.2. live collaboration

2.3. most basic look of those reviewed

2.4. EULA claims charts produced as property of Lucid Chart

2.5. contact Lucid Chart guy

3. Lovely Charts

3.1. Flash/Flex

3.2. collaboration in premium only

3.3. looks good

4. Gliffy

4.1. Flash/Flex

4.2. REST API big part of app

4.2.1. can even create/update diagrams outside app

4.3. look great

4.4. large, navigable shape library with usage hints

4.4.1. search online images

4.4.2. upload images

4.5. overall solid, but a few small bugs

4.6. missing features

4.6.1. project planning usage suggests integrated tasks a big plus

4.6.2. size shapes to text

4.6.3. no auto-save; like the revision stuff, but auto save (ala Mind Meister, Google Docs) with "Commit Revision" would be best

4.6.4. vertical text placement

5. Summary

5.1. wanted to try lucid chart first, but ludicrous EULA killed it

5.2. currently trying Gliffy, so far quite impressed