WindowsPlast ICT 2014

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WindowsPlast ICT 2014 by Mind Map: WindowsPlast ICT 2014

1. Backup

1.1. Product & Provider

1.1.1. Skydrive

1.1.2. _SHARED&

1.2. Key functionality

1.2.1. Your files will be saved on the world wide web which means you will never lose them.

1.2.2. It's totally free.

1.3. Business advantage

1.3.1. It's possible to enter the skydrive with more poeple. If they know the password they can access the skydrive.

2. Training

2.1. Product & Provider

2.1.1. Absolutetraining


2.2. Key functionality

2.2.1. Online classes possible

2.3. Business advantage

2.3.1. You can provide a lot of education to your empoyees with this software.

3. Collaboration & documents

3.1. Product & Provider

3.1.1. Teambox


3.2. Key functionality

3.2.1. costs: free

3.2.2. You can manage all your team tasks

3.2.3. Keep track of your projects

3.2.4. collaborate effectively and share important files.

3.3. Business advantage

3.3.1. Your employees learn to work in group by using this must have app. Forbes named it to this.

4. Mail & instant messaging

4.1. Product & provider


4.1.2. Gmail

4.2. Key functionality

4.2.1. You only need one google-account for everything google offers.

4.2.2. Easy communication with other people.

4.2.3. Possibility for videochat.

4.3. Business advantage

4.3.1. Everywhere you have internet you can check your mails on the web.

4.3.2. You don't need a specific app to check your mails.

5. Sales Mobility

5.1. Product & Provider

5.1.1. ZDnet

5.1.2. cloud


5.2. Key functionality

5.2.1. Possible to accept more work by using other firms who do the work for you.

5.2.2. It isn't expensive.

5.3. Business advantage

5.3.1. You can get your company bigger by getting more work and bigger sales figures without invest too much money

6. Telecommunication Cost

6.1. Product & Provider

6.1.1. WhatsApp


6.2. Key functionality

6.2.1. Free texting

6.2.2. You don't need network to communicate

6.2.3. You can send photos, videos and voicerecordings

6.3. Business advantage

6.3.1. Businesses can use this for intern-communication within their company

7. Sales & customer support and trancking

7.1. Product & Provider

7.1.1. NovoSolutions


7.2. Key functionality

7.2.1. Centralize Data for Dispersed Sales Representatives: sales representatives in the field or in different office locations can easily access their prospect/customer information through the Internet or your VPN.

7.2.2. Automate Sales Tasks: automate various tasks such as importing leads, canned emails, etc.

7.2.3. Empower Sales Representatives with Historical Customer Service Information: sales representatives can quickly access historical or outstanding customer service issues before calling on a current customer (requires the integrated Novo Customer Support Software)

7.2.4. Empower Sales Representatives with relevant Market knowledge: sales representatives can quickly search/view market/competition related information that has been gathered by other company representatives (requires the integrated Novo Knowledge Base Software)

7.3. Business advantage

7.3.1. They offer a flexible, cost effective solution for tracking your customers (from a lead status to post sales customer support).