Mazda PR Campaign

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Mazda PR Campaign by Mind Map: Mazda PR Campaign

1. Action

1.1. Develop the message11/23/2009

1.1.1. What Media will be used? 10/05/2009 Which will be most effective for the desired outcome? Why? Cost per person?

1.1.2. What is the message? 10/23/2009 Whom are we trying to persuade? Are we hitting the mark? Did we swing through the ball or just bunt? Think outside the box! Don't play it safe Be creative, but don't lose Mazda's message Is there anyway to tie into current events or news? Go Timely or timeless? Play it safe or go for it within reason?

1.1.3. Develop the graphics to help deliver the message, if going with print 11/07/2009 What goes with the message? Does it fit the message Does it fit with the Mazda's objective? Do color analysis What colors go with conveying the message The layout Borders make it crisp

1.1.4. Refine, edit, tweek 11/23/2009 Proof read the entire campaign have others proof read check punctuation, grammar and spelling Make corrections Edit KISS Make sure the message flows properly like talking to your neighbor keep it relaxed but informative Fact check one last time

2. Evaluate 12/11/2009

2.1. Were Mazda's overall objective's met

2.1.1. What did they like?

2.1.2. What did they dislike?

2.1.3. What was learned?

2.2. Would they use us again in a campaign?

2.2.1. Why?

2.2.2. Why not?

2.3. Did we stick to our timeline?

2.3.1. Yes?

2.3.2. If no, why?

2.4. Did we have to edit the Gantt chart a lot during the process?

2.4.1. Yes. If so why?

2.4.2. No? Did we stay on track?

2.5. Am I 100 percent satisfied that I did everything in my power to do the best job possible?

2.5.1. Yes?

2.5.2. If no, what else could I have done?

3. Research

3.1. Look at past campaigns 9/18/2009

3.1.1. What worked...Why?

3.1.2. What didn't..Why?

3.2. Defining the target audience 10/01/2009

3.2.1. Key demographics Who Where

3.2.2. Other second hand information surveys saftey polls economic ecological

3.3. Fact check EVERYTHING!!! 10/04/2009

4. Communication

4.1. Crisis response on 11/24/2009

4.1.1. Things that need improvement

4.1.2. Things that went well

4.2. Hold a focus group 11/25/2009

4.2.1. See how campaign scores with target audience

4.2.2. Things that need improvment

4.3. Presentation to class 12/1/2009

4.3.1. Gauge class response

4.3.2. Things that need improvment

4.4. Submit campaign to PR Week 12/11/2009