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NewsMap (Sep 17, 2009) by Mind Map: NewsMap
(Sep 17, 2009)
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NewsMap (Sep 17, 2009)


Industrial Production Increases For Second Straight Month In August

Super Screener: Industrial Product companies in the S&P 500 index

Super Screener: Expected earnings growth rates of Industrial Product companies

Mortgage Applications Decrease Last Week

List Snapshot: A list of homebuilders

Compar-O-Matic: Compare homebuilders

Consumer Prices Rise In August Amid Rebound In Energy Prices

List Snapshot: A list of ETFs that may benefit from rising inflation

Energy, Commodities

Oil prices hold near $70 per barrel

Super Screener: Oil companies

List Snapshot: ETFs that may benefit from rising oil prices

Compar-O-Matic: Comparing major oil companies

Turbo Chart: Charting oil companies


Baxter International Projects EPS Growth Of 11%-13% By 2014

Super Screener: Compare Baxter's earnings growth to other medical companies

Related: Baxter's related items

Chevron, Korea Gas Sign 15-year LNG Supply Deal

Turbo Chart: Chart Chevron's debt management

Compar-O-Matic: Compare Chevron to its competition

Blockbuster To Close Up To 960 Stores By End Of 2010

Turbo Chart: Chart Blockbuster's stock price over the last 10 years

Turbo Chart: Chart Blockbuster's debt management

Number Cruncher: Analyze Blockbuster's financial statements

Sara Lee To Maintain Current Quarterly Dividend Of $0.11 For Next Four Quarters

Turbo Chart: Chart Sara Lee's dividend yield

Compar-O-Matic: Compare Sara Lee's dividend yield to competitors

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Project 2010 Beta Version - Quick Facts

Turbo Chart: Chart Microsoft's stock price

Compar-O-Matic: Compare Microsoft's annual performance

Mergers and Acquisitions

Kraft and Cadbury

News, Kraft Reportedly In Talks To Arrange Financing For Cadbury Buy, Cadbury Reaffirms Its Stance Against Unsolicited Merger Proposal Of Kraft Foods, Cadbury CEO Says Well-Positioned For Growth Beyond 2011

Tools, List Snapshot: Compare Kraft and Cadbury brands, Compar-O-Matic: Compare annual returns of Kraft and Cadbury, Related: Kraft and Cadbury, Super Screener: Large cap consumer staple stocks, expected earnings growth (click "Table View")

Google Acquires ReCAPTCHA

Compar-O-Matic: Compare Google to its competitors

Turbo Chart: Chart Google's stock price

Turbo Chart: Charting Google's employee growth

Corning Buys Axygen BioScience For $400 Mln Cash

Number Cruncher: Analyze Corning's financials

Compar-O-Matic: Compare Corning to its competitors

Turbo Chart: Chart Corning's debt management