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Esthetician Theory Classes (40) by Mind Map: Esthetician Theory Classes (40)
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Esthetician Theory Classes (40)

Body wraps (21 of 40)

Various types of body wraps

Body wrap equipment

Body wrap products

Elastic/plastic wrap/Infrared LED

Wrapping Techniques

don't criss-cross at joints

Microdermabrasion (5 of 40)


Diamond Tips


gommage in wool power brush


Chemical Peels

single acid vs multi-acid

enzymatic peel


red irritated skin, flared acne, etc


Fish collagen excellently builds into the skin replenishing the deficiencies and stimulating the production of this proteins in cells. It is biologically active and its chemical structure is identical to human collagen.It means that the body does not reject it and allergic reactions are very rare. Bovine collagen is also used as a cosmetic component and a wrinkle reductor.But the bovine collagen is a protein with a destroyed cellular structure and it is not biologically active, so it can't be built into human skin. Moreover, it's chemical structure is signifficantly different from human collagen which makes it far less effective than fish collagen.Collagen is a protein which will break down in the presence of acids contained in tonics and other skin cleansers.

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid or hyaluronate or HA) is an anionic, nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. It is also know as Restylane as a trade name. It is unique among glycosaminoglycans in that it is nonsulfated, forms in the plasma membrane instead of the Golgi, and can be very large, with its molecular weight often reaching the millions. Microcurrent and sonophoresis only marginally push this product into the skin due to large molecular weight. *Helps skin absorb 150 times its weight in water. VERY effective with neck wrinkles and for reducing acne scars.

Aromatherapy (12 of 40)





Nostalgia, smell is strongest sense of nostalgia (be careful)

Defensive in French Bathrooms






resin extraction in water with oil

Signature Scent

Extractions(2 of 40)

"Iatrogenic"treatments - clients should NEVER be worse off for having seen you.

Ultrasonic extractions

Regular extractions

How Galvanic desincrustation helps extractions

cotton gauze fingertips

distillate vs tinctures vs toners vs astringents

Cellulite treatments (24 of 40)

Roller treatment

Fat massager

RF body treatments

RF vs high frequency ultrasonic

Massage for Cellulite


low frequency vs high frequency ultrasonic

Lifting treatments (22 of 40)

No-surgery Microcurrent Facelift

Polypeptide & Collagen with microcurrent


Collagen, Clay

Neck Treatment


Waterproof medical tape

Occlusion facials (23 of 40)

Rou dou dou




Plastic film

Cotton mask WITH product


Natural products

Natural products waiver

***Occlude with serum not hyaluronic acid (due to large molecular size) Vitamin B & C work well as does Aloe Vera. Four essential oils (rosemary, ylang ylang, lilacin, and peppermint oils), and three plant oils (jojoba oil, corn germ oil, and olive oil) work well as primary layers in occlusion facials.

*** Also known as "Immersion Facial"

Occlusion facials use the process of osmosis. Osmosis is the "spontaneous net movement of solvent molecules through a partially permeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentration, in the direction that tends to equalize the solute concentrations on the two sides."

Nails 2 (14 of 40)

Nails 1 (13 of 40)

State board prep (6 of 40)

Walk Through Written Exam

Walk Through Practical Exam

Hazing, Hazing Questions, 2 finger finger waves (hairdresser), crow's feet, why apply wax in direction of growth, open & closed ends on fingerwaves (hairdresser), which finger to use on eye massage, State Board Exam anti-hazing kits,

State Board Idiots

Allice Massie,;_ylt=AhoRYherSQoawqbgUSfFwHdwVdx_;_ylv=3?tab=reviews#reviews

Debra Long, Hair'em Fairbanks,

Glenda Ledford, Glenda's salon/beauty school Wasilla,,

Michael Bolivar, Academy of Hair,,

Christine Vanvliet, chair renter on Dimond

don't be first

don't be last, form may be preprinted

record impressions before you leave

where/how to complain

hazing questions

What is hazing? Hazing is any action taken or situation created intentionally: that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule risks emotional and/or physical harm to members of an group or team whether new or not regardless of the person's willingness to participate, State Board hazing video

crows feet, "Lateral Canthus Lines" are a type of "Dynamic Rhytids" which can occur on the outer area of the eyes but the "Glabella" may be affected as well.

why waxing direction

state board questions

blood spill kit

The questions the state board examiners are SUPPOSED to ask you.,

RF Treatments Study Guide & Test (18 of 40)

difference between machines

Layers of the skin dessert (1 of 40)

Parts of the skin

Layers of the skin

Marketing (4 of 40)

SEO secrets

Rules of Google

Copy, 6 to 20 incidents that correlate to key words

Key Words, No more than 10

Photos, Names that correlate to key words

Domain name, Domain name correlates to key words


Flaming Text


No higher resolution than 72 dpi & exact size

Client Farming

Don't take easy route to protect schedule, clients from several industries

Referral Bonus

Identity Pack





Social Media



Cheaper than Dirt Club



Rewards Cards

Business skills (3 of 40)

Spread sheets

goal setting

overhead reduction

strategic price increases

Web sites


Forms & Policies & Liabilities

No Shows


NSF, fees


Clothing Damage

Clients at night

Antiques/equipment vs particle board, etc.

Depreciation, taxes, replacement


LIFO, last in first out

FIFO, first in first out

Message of Retail Stocking, nonverbal buying message

Exclusivity vs common, competition vs image

Pricing, strategies, lose 10% of clients for that service for each 10% price increase


22% goal

Bad vendors



JTE Systems (AKA Mariner Group)

Mariner Group (AKA JTE Systems)

BBB before not after, ***Don't confirm that you just got ripped off, check BEFORE you get ripped off., Be REALLY careful with BBB certified businesses

Beijing Xinze Beauty Technology Co,Ltd,

Sacred Fig, BBB rating "F"

AliExpress, Escrow payment scam, terminology scam, shipping scam, ratings & reviews scam, bait & switch scam, empty packge scm, number scm JTE Systems)

Grand Beauty (AKA JTE Systems),, Beijing Xinze Beauty Technology Co,Ltd, no response for weeks, charged $3,000 minimum, charged shipping & "restocking" fee for products never made & never shipped.


small footprint



what does "warrantee" and "guarantee" mean?

guerilla marketing

122 guerilla marketing ideas,

Guerilla Marketing,, Wikipedia,, more,

guerilla philosophy

Point of Sale Programs

forms, sequential invoice numbers

backup off premises

POS "leasing" vs purchse, up to $1,600 per month, Alternative POS programs, Quicken, Quickbooks, Windows = OK, MAC = sucks!, MYOB, StoreFront, MAC "Contacts"

Percentage Bugeting

Cost by month averaging

Letter of Intent

proposal instead of instant acceptance

Using options to your advantage, options on options


IRS form


Lying to your computer

using contact programs for POS programs

Army Recruiting Center

BEST mechanical aptitude score since 1948 but 3rd worst business management aptitude. Snapshot statement not genetic statement!

Tax Stuff

Schedule C, Repairs vs Leasehold Improvements, COGS vs Supplies

Red Flags

Photo Rejuvenation Study Guide & Test (17 of 40)



NASA report on LED photorejuvenation

Forbes Article on photorejuvenation

Blue Light Therapy

Microcurrent Study Guide & Test (20 of 40)

Magic Gloves

Meridian Chart

Microcurrent Flash Cards

Esthetician Jeopardy 1 (9 of 40)

Purpose of Jeopardy

worst questions on state board

UltraSonic Study Guide & Test (19 of 40)



Esthetician Jeopardy 3 (11 of 40)

Esthetician Jeopardy 2 (10 of 40)

Types of massage (26 of 40)



Effleurage Videos,


(part of percussion), kneading

pads not tips

Tapotement Videos,


don't overuse

Friction Videos,

Lifting circles

Circles can be used in conjunction with microcurrent


count 1-2-3 technique

Vibration Videos,



Shiatsu Videos,

Muscles of the Head Diagram

Muscles of the Head fill in form

Manual Lymphatic Massage

Video & fill in form,


BIA Skin Tester & Skin Scope & Digital Microscope (25 of 40)

BIA forms

practice BIA scanner

marketing ideas

chart improvements of treatments

where to buy digital microscopes

drivers for microscopes, marketing services

Using skin scope for marketing

Using skin scope to chart progress

Mole Mapping service,

ABCDE skin cancer page

Airbrush Makeup 1 (7 of 40)

Airbrush Breakdown & Assembly

Practical Tips & spraying circles


Digital vs Analog




Serum application

Madonna's esthetician in Bologna

Dinah Ousley

Temporary tatoos

Airbrush Makeup 2 (8 of 40)


from back to front







Contouring, plumping

color of inside lip



Covering Tattoos


Dark recedes

Light protrudes

Hair airbrushing

Covering Tatoos

Customer Service (16 of 40)

Sellen vs Selge

Service or Abuse?

Sellen = Old English & Middle High German & Old Dutch, trading one thing of value for another

Selge = Scandinavian, service

Self check / secret shopper,

Under promise & over deliver

Magic of "3"

Client Retention, check, new, X, request, check X, new request, Circled X, salon client, Star, other,, retail, clients that purchase products on their first visit tend to return more than clients that don't, The average salon in the US has had over 3,000 clients through its door. But less than 20% are returning!

"Retained" client vs "salon" client, paycheck & salon status,, 1% of our clients die 3% move away 5% of clients leave because of influence by friends 9% of clients were lured away by competitors 14% were dissatisfied with your products or services or prices 68% of clients were lost due to a perceived attitude of indifference by their service provider.,,,, complaints, social media complaints,, Marketing Plan Guide,, Salon Marketing Newsletter,, Salon Client Questionaire,, How to write salon press release,, Loyalty Programs,


10 Customer Service Tips

8 Rules

10 Commandments of Customer Service

Outrageously Good Customer Service

10 more customer service rules,

Money can't buy happiness but it can buy experiences and experiences can make you "happy happy happy"

How to book appointments without costing yourself money.

Retained Employees

Goals, goals set by employees, goals set by salon manager

when an employee leaves,

Salon/Spa design tips

Salon/Spa numbers

customer research,


Listen - Observe - Volunteer - Execute

Dunning Kruger Effect

Everyone has things they are incompetent in and yet think that they're competent., Psych Test - How Sure Are You?, Being incompetent may interfere with ability to judge competency

Laser Intro & Thermolysis & Electrolysis Hair Removal (27 of 40)

different types of lasers

laser demo


thermolysis demo

electrolysis demo, blend demo, flash demo



Facial Waxing (28 of 40)

Body Waxing (29 of 40)

Sukar (30 of 40)

How to make, how to use

Different techniques

linen fabric

army surplus


doesn't stick to skin

water soluble

cleans up with water



Circuit Boards & Machine Maintenance/Repairs(31 of 40)







timing, capasitance



tricks, valves


hoses & wire ties & hot glue

case maintenance

NOT ArmorAll (will melt case)

musical instrument polish or car wax

fuses& surge protectors

have a spare

photorejuvenation & lasers shut down if angry

potentiomiters vs reostats

Using microcurrent menu with galvanic probes


do NOT use solder gun, solder gun is a shorted out transformer & will fry transisters

DO use solder iron

do NOT use plumbing solder, acid core will eat through wires

DO use electrical solder

How to create a Service Menu (32 of 40)

Billable Rate

goal setting, client management

Product Cost

buy specials

Emotional names

"sell the sizzle not the steak"

grouping with a theme

How to create new facial service



systemic connections to retail


tie in with business name & image

Rules & Regs 1 (33 of 40)

Rules & Regs 2 (34 of 40)

Rules & Regs 3 (35 of 40

Galvanic Treatments (36 of 40)


iontophoresis vs sonophoresis vs occlusion


state board trick heat if no galvanic option on test

Back Facials

cataphoresis vs anaphoresis

Desincrustation Flash Cards

Microcurrent Treatments (37 of 40)

Magic Gloves

no surgery microcurrent face lift

Microcurrent Pages

muscle twitch




shooting stars


Meridian Chart

Add-on services

metallic tast


Travel (38 of 40)

How to set trips up

Flights, Hotels, Side trips

Free day - business day - 3 blank days - business day - free day

Different Shows

Mondial Beaute - Paris (esto),

Mondial Beauty - Cannes, skin/makeup portion,

Coiffure Mondial - Paris, skin/makeup portion,

Cosmobelleza - Barcelona, skin/makeup portion,

Cosmoprof Bologna, Biggest beauty show on earth,

IECSC Beauty Show - Las Vegas (esto),

Esthetician Congress - Long Beach (esto),

Beauty Show Long Beach, skin/makeup portion,

Frankfurt Beauty Show, skin/makeup portion,

Olympia "Beauty" Show (really a nail show)

What to look for, what to avoid

certificates, photos

What to get from the show


free classes

deals last day of show


Samples (different tax rate), "personal massage device", 3 units per address

How to start your own beauty show related business

Secrets of Passing the Esthetician State Board Exam (39 of 40)




red herrings

really stupid - dumb - almost right - best answer

check state board exam #'s every 5 questions

reading issues

don't impute! (test writer not your friend)

pace yourself

ignore the environment, their issues are theirs, your issues are yours

layers of learning

small breakfast & stay a little chilly

check hotel location before exam

If you get freaked out, stop, reset, restart!

word farming for clues

Improvement Challenge (40 of 40)

Before & After Photos

Service Plan

Nails 3 (15 of 40)


pH(41 of 40)

low pH (acidic) hardens & shrinks tissue

important that Vitamin C serums have a pH of no less than 5.3 because it prevents them from penetrating into the skin

high pH (alkaline) shells & softens tissue

ionic - non-ionic - cationic - amphoteric