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F332 Organic Chemistry by Mind Map: F332 Organic Chemistry
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F332 Organic Chemistry


general formula of CnH2n

undergoes addition reactions


general formula of R-OH

names end in "-ol"

has 3 types

can be dehydrated

can be made into chloroalkane

Stage 1   mix 2-methylpropan-2-ol with concentrated HCl in a separating funnel for 20 minutes releasing pressure every so often   Stage 2 allow mixture to settle into layers run off the bottom layer leaving with impure halogenoalkane in the separating funnel Stage 3 neutralize excess acid by adding NaHCO3, shake and release pressure run off lower layer add distilled water, shake and run off add anhydrous sodium sulfate (drying agent) distill


often shown as R-Hal, where Hal could be F,Cl,Br,or I

Physical properties

Reactions of halogenoalkanes

halogen reactivity

Carbon Halogen bond that decides reactivity, not polarity