The innovator resume

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The innovator resume by Mind Map: The innovator resume

1. Universidad de los Andes

1.1. Easy way out on Parra Calculus

1.2. Low involvement in some classes

1.3. Did not follow through in

1.3.1. Foreign languages

1.3.2. Double engineering program

2. Panamco

2.1. Bogota

2.1.1. Fail to recognize creative tension

2.1.2. Team up with marketing team instead of trying to outpace them

2.2. Cali

2.2.1. Manage objections with sales team

2.2.2. Failed to create synergies with my boss

2.3. Friomix

2.3.1. Failed to create a better relation with brand owner Destructive criticism about technical service team

2.4. Finance

2.4.1. Failed to capitalize an opportunity to replace my boss Low intellectual inteligence

3. KOF

3.1. Venezuela

3.1.1. Failed to create synergies with local team

3.1.2. Phased out local management in key decisions

3.2. Costa Rica

3.2.1. Failed to capture the opportunity given by corporate team to lead capital investment approval

3.2.2. Low depth in asset value creation program

4. Femsa - Friomix

4.1. Failed to create speak out:

4.1.1. Lack of technical and soft competences for some members of the management team

4.1.2. Failed to capitalize the opportunity as a project leader instead of jumping right into operation

4.1.3. Confronted too kickly the Venezuelean operation manager Underperforming staff Un-constructive preasure to operational managers and associates

5. Transtel

5.1. Failed to leave the company when my job was at its peak

5.1.1. Had a clear view of the future and knew it was not going to be good for my profile

5.2. Failed to accept outstanding job offers:

5.2.1. Business developer

5.2.2. Investment fund manager

5.2.3. CFO of a Pharma company

6. Solidus

6.1. Failed to manage and start change program with out creating a crisis

7. Lost Business / Product Ideas

7.1. On the first days of internet almost convinced a couple of friends to start the online adult entreatment industry

7.1.1. 5 years before it happened

7.2. Failed to develop a location bracelet for kids for smartphones

7.2.1. 3 years ago

8. Entrepreneur

8.1. Failed to stabilize a glue distribution contract on 6th grade

8.2. Failed to stabilize a hand made bag business

8.3. Failed to stabilize "hangover" treatment

8.3.1. Before Red Bull

8.4. Failed negotiate an close a financial deal with an investor in an industrial plant with a AAA project