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Next for Jay? by Mind Map: Next for Jay?
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Next for Jay?

Potential projects

IL thought leader

IL courses

well being meme

ITA synthesis

IL ebook

IL center

instructor, Flipped instructor -- check Kahn Acad for bueinss

New node

ITA Ent Learning Show

act, video

jay the copywriter & author

white papers

research studies

Pull skills video

New node

promote virtual, enterprise

office hours

Things to fix

Calling, life mission

create happier, more productive workplaces

positive psychology; people are good., success orientation


ADD/butterfly mind, GRIT, perseverance, structure, need a partner? editors?

Shotgun, confuses audience, No implications, what-ifs

No visible longterm plan, Unclear value proposition, Does not work on real problems



Dismissive, Not empathic

Personal warmth, Objectify?

increase virtual

need collaborators, friends


Make delivery peppy

Need bigger pond, Beyond L&D

Get down to earth, ?? uncertain

suggestion: pick sectors e.g. SD Forum


wildly creative



Well Connected



Well known

experience, gray hair

Signature values

Creative, original

Curiosity, interest in the world

Love of learning

Bravery, valor

Humor and playfulness


Role & level

Guru, Presenter, Writer, Speaker, Blogger, Designer, Artiste

Style, Synthesizer, interpreter, Storyteller, Humorous, Light-hearted, 20000' 30000', 50000', Big picture, theoretical

Just do a piece of it...


keep what's important in a daily mind meister printout

monthly financial review

daily meditation, exercise, affirmations, gratitude