European theater/chose your own adventure

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European theater/chose your own adventure by Mind Map: European theater/chose your own adventure

1. you sign a non-aggression pact with Russia to protect yourself from a war on two fronts

1.1. you gain territory such as Poland

1.1.1. You want to conquer all of Poland you march troops into Poland super fast and catch the opponent off guard you conquer Poland, However USSR now has troops in west Poland. This is a threat even though you have a non aggression pact Polish people fight back and you lose the territory you just gain.

1.1.2. you don't want to conquer Poland even though is under your control You lose popularity and the people revolt and remove you from office

1.2. Russia gets Finland and the Baltic countries

2. You do not sign a non-aggression pact

2.1. you don't go to war with anyone

2.1.1. your country is still poor and unstable

2.2. you go to war with allies and with Russia

2.2.1. You lose war with Russia

2.2.2. you win! no you didn't it takes a lot more than what you have right now to beat RUSSIA