virtual worlds

Mind map of virtual worlds presentation at web2expo

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virtual worlds by Mind Map: virtual worlds

1. 10% growth each month

2. 2.5D worlds are growing faster than client/server worlds

3. Future

3.1. by 2011 80% of internet users will have a 'second life', apparently

3.1.1. usage will be different

3.2. takes oxygen from other media, such as TV, Facebook

3.3. access will be content driven

4. avatars

4.1. Avatar creation is like profile creation in social networking sites

4.2. they communicate, just like social networking sites

4.3. All user created content

4.4. same drivers as web 2.0?

4.5. having an avatar gives you proximity and distance

5. Q

5.1. Won't virtual worlds suffer from the same problems as other 3D interfaces?

5.2. Tom does the 3 finger salute to his computer

6. insightful

7. how can I use these attributes to deliver something I can't do in the web?

7.1. communication

7.2. doing things together

7.2.1. give them something to do

7.2.2. let them do things together to build the brand

7.3. presence

8. Advertising works

8.1. CTR is 5 - 12%

8.2. ...if you advertise the right thing

8.3. ...don't link out to your website, advertise your in-world activities

8.3.1. Pontiac Motoratilife promote car culture users can build good ideas on Pontiac land People can create cars

8.4. give residents something to do, not something to look at

8.5. If you don't have time to interact with your customers in the VW, rethink!

8.6. everything is measurable!

8.6.1. what they attend

8.6.2. what they talk about

8.6.3. their interests

8.6.4. behavioral prototyping

9. strategy is similar to your web 2.0 strategy, if you have one


11. cross-over virtual worlds with other media

12. People are spending real money

12.1. stardoll

12.2. 2nd life

13. more than 80 million active members