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VERB BE by Mind Map: VERB BE


1.1. Full form

1.1.1. First Person Singular I am

1.1.2. Second Person Singular You are

1.1.3. Third Person Singular He is She is It is

1.1.4. First Person Plural We are

1.1.5. Second Person Plural You are

1.1.6. Third Person Plural They are

1.2. Contractions

1.2.1. I'm

1.2.2. He's

1.2.3. She's

1.2.4. It's

1.2.5. We're

1.2.6. You're

1.2.7. They're


2.1. Full form

2.1.1. I am not

2.1.2. You are not

2.1.3. He is not

2.1.4. She is not

2.1.5. It is not

2.1.6. We are not

2.1.7. You are not

2.1.8. They are not

2.2. Contractions

2.2.1. I'm not NO I amn't

2.2.2. He isn't

2.2.3. She isn't

2.2.4. It isn't

2.2.5. We aren't

2.2.6. You aren't

2.2.7. They aren't


3.1. Short Answers

3.1.1. Affirmative Yes, I am Yes, you are Yes, he is Yes, she Yes, it is Yes, we are Yes, you are Yes, they are

3.1.2. Negative No, I'm not No, he isn't No, she isn't No, it isn't No, we aren't No, you aren't No, they aren't


4.1. Don't forget to use question mark(?) at the end of the sentence.

4.2. Full form

4.2.1. Change the position Am I Are you Is he Is she Is it Are we Are you Are they

5. Present Simple Tense = to be verb