Comparative Adjectives

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Comparative Adjectives by Mind Map: Comparative Adjectives

1. Comparison of Equality

1.1. AS...AS

1.1.1. The blue car is as fast as the red car. Using

1.1.2. Peter is not as tall as Fred. Using

1.1.3. This copy is as bad as the other one. Using the comparison

1.1.4. The violin is not as low as the cello. Comparison of equality

2. Comparison of Inequality

2.1. THAN

2.1.1. Samuel is more artistic than her. Using MORE and THAN

2.1.2. A house is more expensive than a car. Comparison MORE and THAN

3. Comparison of Inequality

3.1. LESS

3.1.1. She is less artistic than Samuel. Using LESS and THAN

3.1.2. A car is less expensive than a house. Comparison LESS and THAN

4. Subject + Verb + MORE + Adjective + THAN + Noun

5. Subject + Verb + LESS + Adjective + THAN + Noun

6. Subject + Verb + as________as + Complement