Best Birthday Party

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Best Birthday Party by Mind Map: Best Birthday Party

1. Setting(where and when):

1.1. At Shi Hui's house

1.2. At about 11 o'clock in the morning

2. Characters:

2.1. Shi Hui

2.1.1. main character

2.2. Yuxuan

2.2.1. main character

2.3. Pearlyn

2.3.1. main character

2.4. Gwyneth

2.5. Amanda Sim

2.6. Tiffany

2.7. Ying Heng

2.8. Kayleen

3. Events 2( what happened next ):

3.1. Shi Hui's mum was furious but pretended nothing had happened so to not embarrass herself in front of Shi Hui's friends

4. Problem/Plot(what happened in the story)

4.1. Shi Hui accidentally splashed milo on her mum

5. Ending/ solution:

5.1. Shi Hui's mum went to take a shower and she became clean once again

6. Events 1( what happened next):

6.1. Shi Hui's mum prepared a feast such as:

6.2. Nuggets

6.3. Fried noodles

6.4. Seaweed chicken