Mike 6th What Is Email

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Mike 6th What Is Email by Mind Map: Mike 6th                        What Is Email

1. Email is a way to commonicate easier than malling.

2. 5 Ways Email Helps

2.1. You could use Email to run a business from home or save money.

2.2. You can talk to family that live out of states

2.3. Use to talk to friends set plans to go out and have fun

2.4. Simplists form of mail wont take days but email takes seconds

2.5. use to send attachment such as pictures and videos

3. 3 emial downs

3.1. most unsecure way of communication

3.2. Email is not protected under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986

3.3. Email is no more private than a post card

4. All this information is copy righted under federal law if information taken without permisition I will take you to court.

5. Email stands for Electronic mail.

6. you Can send attachment through email

6.1. New node

7. If you want to email me for my map hear is mt email [email protected]