Goldstein's methodology

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Goldstein's methodology by Mind Map: Goldstein's methodology

1. First person research

1.1. Interviewing Gloria as main source of research

1.2. Interview other locals and acquire information from their daily activities

1.3. building trust by keeping information confidential

2. Theoretical analysis

2.1. Unbiased Examination of history

2.2. Political history

2.2.1. hegemony ruling

2.3. Economic history

2.3.1. Poverty ridden

3. Interpretation

3.1. Understanding the culture

3.2. The behavioral patterns of people

3.2.1. celebration of carnival

3.3. The locals philosophies on life and death

3.4. , their belief systems

3.4.1. class differences

4. Opportunities

4.1. Effective communication tactics

4.2. Oral culture

4.2.1. using humor as a way to communicate

4.3. Understanding of local language