The Contract of Employment

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The Contract of Employment by Mind Map: The Contract of Employment

1. Formation of a contract of employment

2. Performance of a contract of employment

2.1. Employers' implied duties

2.2. Employees' implied duties

3. The relationship of employer and employee - tests to distinguish between employees and independent contractors and others

4. Termination, summary dismissal, and misconduct

5. Remedies

5.1. Injunctions

5.2. Damages

6. Impact of statutory, award and enterprise agreement provisions

7. Dismissal and reinstatement

7.1. The impact of job protection cases

7.2. The impact of High Court decisions

7.3. The impact of the Industrial Relations Reform Act 1993

7.4. The impact of the Workplace Relations Act 1996

7.5. The impact of the ‘Workchoices’ legislation 2006

7.6. The impact of the Fair Work Act 2009