Identify Your Ideal Client

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Identify Your Ideal Client by Mind Map: Identify Your Ideal Client

1. Steps - use book for a breakdown of these points. (exercise)

1.1. Be profitable first

1.2. Add referrals

1.3. Study demogrpahics

1.4. Research client behavior

1.5. Create biographical sketch

2. What's the problem? The point isn't to understand what people are buying. It's to identify & acknowledge what you're really selling.

3. Geographically plot on map client's location. (exercise)

4. Value factor. Does this market value what you offer enough to pay a premium?

5. Is it a viable market? Is it large enough to support growth? Can I easily promote to decision makers? Does market value us?

6. Visualize real people (exercise)

6.1. Write description of real client. What they look like, think, want, fear, believe is fun, risk, passion. Use photos of real people.

7. Ideal prospect file. Take physical description, add what they want + their problem + how they buy + best way to communicate with them. This = your Ideal Prospect. Paint this picture by writing out in a couple of paragraphs. (exercise)

8. Are you using CRM (customer relationship software)? You should.