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Amine-George Washington by Mind Map: Amine-George Washington
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Amine-George Washington


George Washington’s ancestors came from England and they had land in America. George Washington and his five siblings were born in Virginia. George attended school for 7 or 8 years. George worked on plantations with his mother. Then, George inherited the Mount Vernon after his half brother Lawrence. He married Martha Custis and they adopted children. Then George Washington became the General of the Army. George Washington was a person that


                                   George Washington was a great General he lead the colonists to success. Since, he was very powerful everyone the colonists elected him as the President. He was a good leader because he convinced soldiers who didn’t get paid to continue to fight and that he will pay them. This was a form of great leadership because he interacted with his army in a peaceful and lovely way rather than forcing them an enslaving them.  George Washington led the colonist in the Revolutionary War he also helped to gain independence for 13 colonies.


                                        He was an interior designer and he was the one to choose the place of where the white house should be built. He taught people how to choose another leader. George Washington set the Revolution of America. He was very modest an example is that when people wanted him to be a King he refused.  George Washington was a very good farmer, since he worked on plantations with his mother when he was young.


                          George Washington is mostly known for being the 1st President of the United States of America. He is also known for being the “Father of the Country”. Washington created the First Cabinet and appointed four members because he created the Supreme Court, he appointed the first ten justices. He also helped create the first bank and signed the money. George Washington is remembered as the leader who won independence for America and founded the country's government. But his character still stays anonymous.