Product Owner Super Powers

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Product Owner Super Powers by Mind Map: Product Owner Super Powers

1. Agile Atlas

2. a good communicator

3. Why does it matter, anyway?

3.1. How to see a good PO if you meet one?

3.2. Have something to check where you are wrt shu ha ri of the art of product ownership

3.3. Ignite and motivate for learning, know what to look for when learning

3.4. in a transition from traditional to agile many roles dissolve and people start trying to match them to agile role but don't know how

3.5. Creating the Product Onwer Culture, like jargon file for hackers

4. Leadership Role / Radical Management

4.1. Creates customer pull

4.2. Enables peer to peer communication

4.3. Generates customer delight

4.4. it's about keeping businesses from failing

4.5. living servant leadership

4.6. show the team that they can make a huge contribution to the success

4.7. enabling agile-scrum mechanisms everywhere

4.8. change maker

5. What (AKA)

5.1. accountable

5.1.1. be passionate

5.1.2. Take blame. Spread glory.

5.2. knowledgable

5.2.1. domain expert in order to be responsive for the team

5.2.2. know the product, the customer and the industry

5.3. available

5.3.1. team player

5.3.2. Team Energizer

6. NOT a ..

6.1. the single-wringable super-hero

6.2. lone genius

7. Reading List / References

7.1. Scrum Guide

8. Other

8.1. integrate diverse point of views