Cat Breeds

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Cat Breeds by Mind Map: Cat Breeds

1. Maine Coon

1.1. Photo of the Maine Coon

1.2. This breed is one of the largest breeds of longhaired cats and is ultimately known for their size. They have a heavy, uneven coat with a long and very bushy tail. They have a wild look to them and a quiet authority about them that says "Don't mess with me." They have large, oval eyes and large ears with lynx tipping and hair curling around them. The legs and feet are rather large and their feet have long tufts of hair growing from between the toes. These cats often don't reach their full size until they are 3-5 years old. Most cats don't like water, but Maine Coons love playing in it. They are relaxed and easy going and prefer to just hang out an not demand attention. They often control the house with just a glance.

2. Siamese

2.1. Photo of the Siamese

2.2. This breed is a sleek and elegant breed that has tall, slender legs. These cats are also known for their large ears, narrow face, long neck and long pointy tail. Also notable are the blue eyes. These cats are very vocal and aren't at all quiet about it. They are also quite active and love to be with their owners whether its on their lap, their bed or their pillow. They are very smart cats, curious and also very nosy. They may be very demanding cats but they are great companions.

3. Snowshoe

3.1. Photo of the Snowshoe

3.2. The Snowshoe was created by breeding a Siamese with a bicolor American Shorthair. This breed is fairly well balanced with being neither too large or too small. It is firm and muscular but isn't bulky and it is deceivingly powerful and agile. These cats are gentle and friendly as well as smart. It speaks in a soft melodic voice, is inquisitive, entertaining and usually fairly active. Click on the link to learn more about this adorable cat.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

4.1. Photo of the Norwegian Forest Cat

4.2. This breed has a very thick and heavy coat with a large bushy tail and huge eyes. These cats have developed the heavy double coat, sturdy bones, long hind legs and strong claws to help them survive in the wintry conditions. These cats are very deliberate in their actions-they know what they want, how to get it done and why they are doing things. They are free-thinking yet affectionate and loving. They are quiet and would rather watch others play than play themselves. In Norway it is said that if you catch a glimpse of this cat in the wilderness you will have good luck. Although it may look similar, this breed bears no resemblance to the Maine Coon.

5. Abyssinian/Somali

5.1. Photo of the Abyssinian/Somali

5.2. This breed is distinguished from others by its elegance, characteristic stance, and glowing coat. This cat stands high and proud, especially when placed on a judges table. Click on the link to learn more about this beautiful breed.

6. American Short Hair

6.1. Photo of the American Short Hair

6.2. This breed is said to be the working cat of the United States. It is also said that this cat should feel like handling a sack of oats-heavy, but pliable.