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C++ by Mind Map: C++

1. Resources

1.1. C++ Now

1.2. C++ Language Tutorial

1.3. MSDN C++

1.4. Inside the C++ Object Model

1.5. Google C++ Style Guide

1.6. IBM C++

2. Analysis

2.1. Syntactics Layer

2.1.1. Character Level symbol control

2.1.2. Lexical Level white space tokens native tokens foreign tokens

2.1.3. Grammatical Level Sentence namespace-declaration class-declaration function-declaration object-declaration trivia Declaration vs Definition Initialization vs Assignment

2.1.4. Liabrary

2.2. Semantics Layer

2.2.1. Preprocessor Character mapping trigraph line splicing first line \ next line Tokenization white-space tokens Preprocessing #include #define #ifdef #progma Character-set mapping execution character set For Microsoft C and C++, both the source and the execution character sets are ASCII. String concatenation "String " "concatenation" "String concatenation"

2.2.2. Compiler Understanding Declaration Is Critical Namespace Class & Object Function executions and expressions are routine

2.2.3. Linker

3. Synthesis

3.1. Pragmatics

3.1.1. Style Google C++ Style Guide Google C++风格指南