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Tahar - George Washington by Mind Map: Tahar - George Washington
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Tahar - George Washington


Background   George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732. George Washington was the elder of Augustine Washington’s (his father) sons. George W. studied these subjects during his school/university: he studied mathematics, surveying, rules of civility and the classics of literature. When George’s father died, in 1743 George went to live with his step brother Lawrence in Mount Vernon. His brother married the Fairfax family’s daughter. That family helped George start his career. George had helped them too in surveying lands in 1748 in the Shenandoah Valley. Unfortunately Lawrence died in 1752 and George inherited the Mount Vernon. When the french and Indian war had begun, George had many opportunities. He earned the adjudant spot of one of the Virginia’s military districts. He was given a mission from Robert Dinwiddie to warn the french commander that there will be further claims of the territory by Britain. George published a diary about the difficulties and dangers of his journey. He published at Williamsburg. In the year of 1755 when he was 23 years old, George moved up to colonel and commander of chief in the Virginia militia. He had the responsibility to defend the frontier. In the year of 1758, he left his army and returned to Mount Vernon. When he came back, he entered politics. He was serving in the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1759-74. In the year of 1759 George married Martha Dandridge Custis, a young widow with two small children. George Washington died three years after his retirement in Mount Vernon because of a throat infection in December 14, 1799.    

First president of USA


  Leadership:  George washington came from a normal family, he didn’t envy the rich people, he liked his family’s wealthiness as it was. He explored many places, surveyed many lands and took interest in the war. He died in 1799 and he was the most famous man in America. During the war, George always led the soldiers instead of executing the orders from the safety of the rear lines. Anytime he needed advice he asked his brother Lawrence. He was a farmer, a politician and a soldier too. As a president he also gave advice to others. Even though George lost many battles, he never abandonned America. He really knew how to make good decisions as a farmer, warrior, and as a president. George washington excused the arrested protestants for the whiskey task to avoid creating rebels for the new government. The president always knew to quit when he was at the top. He quit as a dictator of America in 1776, as the general of the continental army in 1783 and as president in 1797.  

Came from normal familly neither rich or poor.


Skills   As commander of the Virginia militia in the french and Indian war (1755-58). George learned how to control and organize an army of 1000 soldiers. Sometimes he made mistakes but he learned a lot about recruiting and supplying the men with food, clothes, and weapons. The president was successful in building up his own Mount Vernon plantations and transformed it in a large business. He divided his plantations into five farms and engaged guardians for each farms. They were responsible for the farms. He also directed a fishery where the fishers fished and traded the fish overseas. A community of slaves and servants worked on his farms about 315 people. Washington learned to manage his skills and used them for running his farms and his army of 10,000 men. After that he set up the new federal government as first president. In 1788 he promoted the African American slaves as top overseers of his farms. He always placed his principles before is own needs.  He stayed with the army from 1775-1783 and visited his family only 10 times. After the revolution had ended, he volunteered to be commander in chief in 1783. He then quit his presidency twice in 1797. He influenced others by being at each political and social meetings and dinners.

Commander of virginia millitia in french and indian war.


Legacy   His legacies are the following:   He was a victorious leader in favour of his army for the fight toward the independence. He was the first to sign the constitution. He was the first president of the united states of America. He was the only president to receive 100% of the votes during the elections. He chose the first cabinet which contained four members. He also chose the first ten justices of the supreme court.

Was victorious leader in favour of his army for fighting towards independence.