Tahar - George Washington

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Tahar - George Washington by Mind Map: Tahar - George Washington

1. Background

1.1. First president of USA

1.1.1. Lived from Feb. 22, 1732 - Dec 14, 1799. He was in politics, farmer, warrior, and president. His father died and he lived with his brother lawrence.

2. Leadership

2.1. Came from normal familly neither rich or poor.

2.1.1. Explored, surveyed, war He was a sucessful leader. After his death he became famous man of america.

3. Skills

3.1. Commander of virginia millitia in french and indian war.

3.1.1. Learned many things at war. Successful in building own farms and fish markets and fish trades. Influenced others by always attending political and social dinners/meetings.

4. Legacy

4.1. Was victorious leader in favour of his army for fighting towards independence.

4.1.1. First to sign constitution, first president US Only pres. received 100% votes during elections. Chose first cabinet contained four members, chose first ten justices of supreme court.