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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. How do children acquire it?

1.1. Direct instruction: Children will be directly taught in school or by experienced others. For example, children will be directly taught about density, calculus, and iambic pentameter.

1.2. Experience: Children will have personal experiences that will help them to gain new knowledge, that they can eventually apply, in numerous areas. For instance, children will go to the zoo and learn about different animals and their habitats or will get in a fight with a friend and learn better social skills.

2. Definition: The ability to learn and apply knowledge in one or more areas

2.1. Components

2.1.1. New node

3. Components of intelligence corresponding to definition

3.1. Multiple intelligences can exist (not just a general factor of intelligence)

3.2. To be intelligent one must be able to learn new knowledge in one or more areas

3.3. One cannot solely learn new knowledge to be intelligent. He or she must also be able to apply this knowledge, in one or more areas, so that others can determine his or her intelligence in one or more areas.

3.4. The areas of intelligence are expansive. For example, there can be social, emotional, mathematical, and numerous other areas of intelligence. One can choose a specific or broad area of intelligence to classify a person as intelligent or not intelligent. For example, one can classify another as intelligent in all of mathematics or in geometry specifically.