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MVHS Online Learning Community by Mind Map: MVHS Online Learning
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MVHS Online Learning Community

MVHS Community Site (login required

Class Pages (powered by Google Sites)

MVHS Site Wiki (link all sites, etc.)

Post Assignments, Resources & Grades

Class Calendars

Class Blogs

curriculum maps


Send Notes to self

Communicate with teachers

Communicate with students

Staff Groups, Admin, Grade levels, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th/12th, SLT, Inquiry, Attendance, PPT, Departmants, Science, Math, ELA, Social Studies, Performance, UFT


Production Zone

Google Docs

Create collaborative writing environments

Meeting notes


Google Spreadsheets

Chart project progress

Log of professional activities

Student Accounts

safe email

publish workd

support NETS standards

New node

External Communities

MVHS Wiki (WetPaint)

curriculum maps

Principal's corner

Admin Resources

school forms

Google Group

Grade Level meetings

School forms


Private events

MVHS Public Site

links to blogs/published projects



Splash Page

School calendar

Video Message


Twitter Link/feed

General school info and policies

Bulletin Board

Teacher Page

Student Page, News bulletins, videos


Side Bar

Academic Departments, English, Science, Social Studies, Mathmatics, Performance Based Disciplines, Music, Foreign Language, Cooking

Online Learning Community Goals


Transition all staff and students to Google Tools

Migrate existing web based resources to Google Site

Short Term

Develop action plan

Establish technology learning zone