The Law of the few

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The Law of the few by Mind Map: The Law of the few

1. Connectors

1.1. They are a "handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack for making friends and acquaintances"

1.2. Connectors are the people who "link us up with the world ... people with a special gift for bringing the world together."

1.3. 6 degrees of seperation

1.3.1. "Not all degrees are equal" pg36

1.4. Word of mouth epidemic pg 32

1.4.1. American Revolution New node

1.4.2. Paul Revere

1.5. Test of aquaintances

1.5.1. Test to see how many people are recognized. Some things just don't reach the tipping point because they don't happen to meet the approval of a connector along the way.

2. Mavens

2.1. Are information specialists

2.2. People we rely upon to connect us with new information.

2.3. Socially Motivated

2.3.1. Help others make decisions.

2.4. Control word of mouth.

2.5. "Mavens know more things than the rest of us."

2.6. Supermarkets

2.6.1. "Everyday low price" pg 60 "The price will stay the same, the product will just be featured more prominently."

2.7. "Like to be helpers" pg 62

3. Salesmen

3.1. Are persuaders.

3.2. People with powerful negotiation skills.

3.3. What happens when two people talk? pg73

3.4. Resistance

3.4.1. Advice

4. The law of the few refers to the following empirical phenomenon: in social groups a very small subset of individuals invests in collecting information while the rest of the group invests in forming connections with this select few.