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Volleyball by Mind Map: Volleyball

1. Do not touch the net

2. to win the game you must win two out of the three sets

3. Must not kick ball

4. Dig/Pass

5. Set

6. Spike

7. Player positions/rules

8. 1 Court Rules

8.1. There must be six people

8.2. Not 1 player can ever make contact with the ball more than once

8.3. The ball cannot be caught and carried over the net

8.4. The ball must go over the net in a serve, if not the opposing team has possession of the ball

8.5. The ball must be served behind the end line

8.6. if the ball touches the line during play, it is still considered in the court

8.6.1. A change in possession of the ball commences when the servers foot crosses the line

9. 4. Serve

9.1. Steps to a successful overhand serve

9.1.1. whilst releasing the ball step forward on the leg opposite of your hitting arm

9.1.2. Position body one/two steps away from baseline holding the ball in non-dominant hand, supported with the dominant hand, release the ball so it is above your forhead

9.1.3. After hitting the ball, continue to follow through with your arm and run into the defensive position ready for the return ball.

9.1.4. You shouldn't make a fist with your hand and shouldn't slap the ball. The palm of the hand should be used to hit the ball up and over the net Throw the ball about 30cm above the head