Marketing for TexStylez

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Marketing for TexStylez by Mind Map: Marketing for TexStylez

1. How to market to end user?

1.1. Durability

1.1.1. Users care about performance of clothes Try co-advertising Use properties/functionality as arguement Experiencial stories Allow user to try product

1.2. Colour changing

1.2.1. Users care about aesthetical pleasure Leave marketing to end fabricator as demands in fashion are difficult to predict/follow

1.3. Auto-tight-mode

1.3.1. Fits body type One size fits all

2. 4 P's of marketing

2.1. Product

2.1.1. Range of product Colour changing Possible fashion trend Durability Enhances perfomance sportsware Auto-tight-mode Optimal comfort

2.1.2. Warranties Depending on product and nanotreatments. Highest warranty for durability product (1yr)

2.1.3. Trademark Choose high quality line as Barbour

2.2. Price

2.2.1. Addition of 50-60% of product value. If valued at $100 sold at $150

2.3. Promotion

2.3.1. See section "specific strategies"

2.4. Placement

2.4.1. All TexStylez treated products can only be distributed to specific targeted suppliers

3. How do I market to the fabricators?

3.1. Client interested in the profitability of this technology

3.1.1. Create case studies (show potential size of market depending on nische)

3.1.2. Show tentative earning figures

3.1.3. Create business model (what share of sales would you receive, who is liable for what? win-win situations!)

4. Specific strategies

4.1. Guerilla marketing (shocking marketing, create a scene)

4.2. Find upcoming stars (undercover marketing, give to rising star, make brand visible)

4.3. Word of mouth strategies (spread the word from friend to friend, explain advantages, no campaign, just by speaking)

4.4. Experiential marketing (allow consumer to touch product, preferably at some fashion/sports event)

4.5. Viral advertising (through social networks, eg. facebook)

4.6. Direct marketing (paper based advertising in mail)

5. Demand

5.1. Fabrications industries techniques haven't changed in 50yrs, they need to bring some innovation

5.1.1. Technology push of nanotechnology, increasing knowledge of quantum

5.1.2. Mechanics market pull for performance clothes with unique properties

5.1.3. For sportwear market pull for fashion incentive for fashion industry