Lean Application Development Strategies + Information = Lean Process

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Lean Application Development Strategies + Information = Lean Process by Mind Map: Lean Application Development Strategies + Information = Lean Process

1. What does it take to get there?

1.1. Process knowledge

1.1.1. already in organization

1.2. Lean (SaaS) app development platform

1.2.1. data app platforms/processes

1.2.2. collaboration/social app platforms

1.2.3. content applications platforms

1.3. ROI

2. Lean Platform Landscape

2.1. Shared services

2.1.1. business process outsourcing

2.1.2. shared service centers

2.2. Application platforms

2.3. Managed Hosting

2.4. Cloud Computing

3. Summary

3.1. SaaS advantages proven and adoption is exploding

3.1.1. Not just for innovators or early adopters

3.1.2. see white papers sharepoint platforms

3.1.3. send email [email protected]

3.2. SaaS end game is in platforms

3.3. Choose your platform standards now

3.4. How else can you leverage the move to lean applications

4. Presenters

4.1. Dan Carmel, CEO SpringCM

4.1.1. ECM / Document Mgmt

4.1.2. SaaS product

4.2. Joe Graves - Stratus Technologies

5. Key forces will drive organizations to standardize on SaaS Platforms

5.1. emerging markets - thousands of applications, few objective standards

5.2. For Customers

5.2.1. cost of vetting each point app

5.2.2. user confusion over multiple interfaces

5.2.3. cost of maintaining many integration schemes

5.3. For SaaS

6. Problem with ECM today

6.1. No E in ECM

6.2. Requires many different technologies

6.3. No existing ECM vendor addresses a majority of needs

6.4. ECM today = shelfware

6.5. SaaS ECM is the solution