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Copy of Enabling Technologies by Mind Map: Copy of Enabling Technologies
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Copy of Enabling Technologies

WEB/Enterprise 2.0


Governance was seen as an issue of concern for all WEB2.0 technologies


Sharepoint, Fujitsu Services, NHS Institute

Blogger, KIN, ConocoPhillips


Sharepoint, Fujitsu Services, Cadbury (Special Topic)

Wikka Wiki, KIN, Syngenta

MediaWiki, ConocoPhillips, Sellafield, Syngenta

Confluence, Airbus, BAE

Social Networking

Linked In, KIN, Personal, Syngenta, BAE

Facebook, Personal

Friends Reunited, Personal

Social Bookmarking

Diigo, KIN


Twitter, PhilR, NHS Institute

Yammer, Syngenta

Seeking and Finding

Enterprise Search

Autonomy, BAE SYstems, British Council

Custom, ConocoPhillips, Untitled

Netweaver, Airbus


Sharepoint, Syngenta

Vivissimo, Airbus

People / Expertise Location

In-house solution, Fujitsu Services, PwC

Lotus Notes Address Books, Sellafield, STW

Morphix Metasight, Linklaters

Outlook Directories, Airbus

Portal Phone Books, Airbus

Printed Phone Directory, Sellafield

SAP Org Chart Viewer, Airbus

Sharepoint, KIN, ConocoPhillips


Yellow Pages, Airbus

Personal Networks


Outlook (2007), Syngenta

Google Reader

Information Management

Document Management

Sharepoint, Fujitsu, NHS Institute, STW, Syngenta

Documentum, Sellafield, Airbus, Syngenta

Livelink, ConocoPhillips

eRoom, Airbus

Information and Records management

Shared Folders, NPIA, Syngenta, Airbus

Livelink, STW, ConocoPhillips

Content Management

Joomla, KIN, NHS Institute

Plumtree, Airbus

Knowledge Capture/Feedback

Decision Mapping

Compendium, Sellafield

MindManager, BAE


Untitled, Cadbury, ConocoPhillips, Airbus, BAE

Knowledge Harvesting

Quindi, Fujitsu Services, Sellafield

Mind Mapping

Mindmanager, ConocoPhillips, Airbus, BAE

Mindmeister, KIN



Discussion Forums

vBulletin, KIN

Sharepoint, Fujitsu Services, Cadbury, ConocoPhillips, Syngenta, British Council

Lotus Notes Databases, STW

Think Tank, BAE

Lessons Learned Tools

Custom, Airbus

Platforms & Intranets

Collaboration Tools

Google Docs

Confluence Wiki, BAE

eRoom, Airbus

Team/Community Workspaces

Sharepoint, Fujitsu Services, Cadbury, ConocoPhillips, NPIA, KIN, Syngenta, Sellafield

Tomoye Ecco

Livelink (OpenText), Llloyds Register

Confluence, Airbus

Basecamp, Sellafield, New node

Drupal, Syngenta


Custom, Fujitsu Services

Plumtree, Airbus

Documentum, BAE

Personal Productivity


Diigo, PR,SG


Firefox (&Addons), PR,SG

IE, Syngenta, Airbus

Desktop Search

Copernic, SG

Windows Desktop Search, Airbus

Information Management

MS Onenote, PR,SG

Xobni, SG

Notebook beside bed, SG,NM


Freemind, PR, BC

Mindmanager, NHS Institute, Airbus, FL (BAE)


Twitter, PR

iPhone (&apps), ScottG

Android Phone, PR - HTC Hero

Zotero (citation manager), GF

Powerpoint, NM,GF


Google Reader, PR

Outlook, Syngenta

To Do Lists


GTDInbox, PR

Excel, Airbus

Outlook, ConocoPhillips, Airbus

Communication / Coordination

Calendaring & Scheduling

MS Outlook, Airbus, BAE Systems, ConocoPhillips, ConocoPhillips, NPIA, Syngenta

Untitled, Sellafield

Sharepoint, KIN, ConocoPhillips, Syngenta, Severn Trent Water

Google Calendar, PR


MS Outlook, Airbus, BAE Systems, Cadbury, ConocoPhillips, NPIA, Syngenta

Lotus Notes, Sellafield, Seven Trent Water

Gmail, PR

MS Exchange, Fujitsu Services

Instant Messaging

MS Office Communicator, BAE Systems, ConocoPhillips, Syngenta

Lotus Sametime


Skype, KIN

Halo, Cadbury

BT Live Meeting, Cadbury

BT MeetMe, Syngenta



BAE Systems




Webex, Airbus, BAE Systems, NHS Institute

BT Live Meeting, Cadbury, Syngenta