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Using Databases by Mind Map: Using Databases
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Using Databases

What are they used for?

Business stores Customer and stock data

Hospitals store patient data

Schools store students data and reports, attendance

Teaching Notes

Check prior knowledge. Have students brainstorm and share prior knowledge of databases. Ask why it is important to know about databases? Who uses them and what for. Use a starter image to stimulate discussion Have students give as many examples of lists that a school might use eg lists of students in year 9 class lists, school trip lists, parent contact. List all the organisations that keep lists Discuss how site like trademe connects list of things for sale with lists of people who want to by them Discuss how all businesses have customer lists and stock lists.  

Database functions

Add, edit delete

For example: Add the details of a new customer to the database. Change the phone number for a customer. Remove a customer from the database.

sort, search, filter

Sort: arrange the records in order eg sales records by date Search: find a particular record eg Mr J Hohepa Filter: Find records that meet a particular condition /conditions  Find all the Tamateas living in Bethlehem. Find all sales in July over $500.

Making a database

Design view, datasheet view


lookup wizard

Input maks

Database Terms

table, record, field

Table: A collection of records Record: All the information stored about a person or thing in a database. A row in table. Field: one peice of data stored about a person or thing in a database

primary key

Primary Key The field that uniquely indentifies a record in a database. There can be no two records that have the same value in this field. Surname would not be a primary key as there could be two people called "Heke". The  email address is often used as a primary key in databases and on the internet for logins. An auto number is often used in Access for this field.

Database Components


tables are used to stor the information in a database




Tutorial Exercises

Tut1:Using MS Access