Using Databases

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Using Databases by Mind Map: Using Databases

1. What are they used for?

1.1. Business stores Customer and stock data

1.2. Hospitals store patient data

1.3. Schools store students data and reports, attendance

1.4. Teaching Notes

2. Database functions

2.1. Add, edit delete

2.2. sort, search, filter

3. Making a database

3.1. Design view, datasheet view

4. Features

4.1. lookup wizard

4.2. Input maks

5. Database Terms

5.1. table, record, field

5.2. primary key

6. Database Components

6.1. tables

6.1.1. used to store data in the database

6.2. forms

6.2.1. used to input data into the database

6.3. reports

6.3.1. used to present information from the database

6.4. queries

6.4.1. used to look at only certain information

7. Tutorial Exercises

7.1. Tut1:Using MS Access

7.1.1. Creating a Database + Tables

7.1.2. Date types

7.1.3. Making a Primary Key

7.1.4. Table Size Properties Feild size Format Default Value Input Mask validation rules zero length

7.1.5. Data entry with form