Project Plan --------------------------------------------- Assessment of Confidential Doc...

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Project Plan --------------------------------------------- Assessment of Confidential Documents by Mind Map: Project Plan      ---------------------------------------------    Assessment of Confidential Documents

1. Project Definition

1.1. Scopes

1.1.1. Project Overview Project #: 7896 Project Name: John Warren Assessment of Confidential Documents Business Unit/Program Area: University Executive Sponsor: Franklin Rosen Project Manager: Philip Carson

1.1.2. Project Scope What are the project deliverables? Handouts for teams? Use this map to share information... List other deliverables... What is the solution proposed? Implementation of CDI Who will perform the work? When will the project be executed?

1.2. Purpose

1.2.1. University wide study and assessment of confidential resources to determine possible breaches or security threats to this information

1.3. Standards & Goals

1.3.1. ISO/IEC 17799:2005 Information technology - Security techniques All Files and Folders Manual – Security Standards 8911.docx

1.3.2. Annual review by entire University

1.3.3. Review every two years by each department

2. Project Team

2.1. Team Members

2.1.1. Department Managers Mary Beth Mary Beth Susan Brown Wilson Miller Barbara Billingsly Barbara Billingsly

2.1.2. All Department Heads Dorothy Willis Fred Redstone Michael Cunningham Michael Cunningham

2.1.3. Director of Information Security Key guide in process

2.2. Project Manager

2.2.1. Jim Stalwart

2.3. Approvals

2.3.1. President

2.3.2. Assistant Vice President's of Departments

3. Resource Requirements

3.1. Resource List

3.1.1. Team leader from each university department

3.1.2. File templates

3.1.3. Classes for team leaders so they understand the changes to procedure

3.1.4. Shared network for files

3.1.5. Director of Information Security

3.1.6. Backup database for project

3.2. Budget

3.2.1. Budget Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4. Development Plan

4.1. Overview

4.1.1. Outdated review and must do a impact analysis and risk assessment for information technology resources; adhere to new standards and get current

4.2. Tasks:

4.2.1. Task: Create project plan for CDI

4.2.2. Task: Approve plan by Information Tech

4.2.3. Task: President's approval

4.2.4. Task: Notification of President of CDI Department

4.2.5. Task: Education courses for project leaders so they understand what changes will take place in procedure

4.2.6. Task: Choose education course dates

4.2.7. Task: Choose department team leaders

4.2.8. Task: Notification of leaders

4.2.9. Task: Finish team leader education

4.2.10. Task: Departments finish CDI and post

4.2.11. Task: Review of CDI by Info Security Tech

4.2.12. Task: Follow up with CDI on areas that need review

4.2.13. Task: Approval by Assistant Vice Presidents

4.2.14. Task: Approval by CDI chair

4.2.15. Task: President's final approval

5. Roadblocks to Completion

5.1. Time constraints

5.2. Department managers schedule conflicts and vacation time

5.2.1. Follow up by team leaders

5.2.2. Confirm times and dates

5.3. Lack of unity amongst departments

6. Support Guideposts

6.1. Policy requires that Information Technology creates quarterly reports.

6.2. Follow up training every six months for team leaders

7. Project Documents

7.1. All Files and Folders

7.1.1. Project Charter_John_Warren.docx

7.1.2. Project Risks.docx

8. Quality Control

8.1. Electronic version documenting impact analysis and risk assessment

8.1.1. Useful for future teams that need to understand the process