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Tax & the election by Mind Map: Tax & the election
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Tax & the election

Battle bus

Aim - get all parties to engage & set out position on tax justice issues.

Local hustings


New ones very open to social media, twitter, facebook

want to connect to constituents

Create a digital campaign trail

Get more volunteers involved

Basic banana animation

YCN artists

Prep wish list of tasks/jobs we'd like doing

Party politcal broadcast

SSPA - election special edit?


Alternative voting stations

alt voting cards

dodgy postal votes

Candidates - vote for tax justice


Link via Nepal case study?

A voter in a developing country

ORS party

or - Bent Banana's tax dodging party

Banana republic

We don't care about tax hikes - coz we don't pay tax anyway!

Tax - already an election issue

link to aid/wider development narrative

Self interest argument


attend Question Time with a q

wearing an ORS tasch / rosette

Kissing babies

Beautiful baby for tax justice supporting candidates

Bearded baby for those who don't

attend rallies

Party bill boards