ORS internal affairs

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ORS internal affairs by Mind Map: ORS internal affairs

1. Project blog

1.1. People don't access it that much - password

1.2. useful for some stuff

1.3. Real blog has taken over

1.3.1. be more open on it?

2. Make a jobs board

2.1. Replace 'who is' page

2.2. Lots of traffic to main AA jobs page!

2.3. Specific, short term tasks

2.3.1. photographer for event

2.3.2. animate this banana

2.4. Ongoing list of stuff for people to do for us.

2.4.1. facebook manager

3. Project management

3.1. spend more time setting (realistic!) goals

3.2. Chris to lead

3.3. Spread ourselves a bit thin around the launch stage?

3.3.1. take time to bring supporters with us

4. Longer term planning

4.1. Freebie from Rob's dad?

4.2. better definition of success

4.2.1. focus on a phased approach

4.2.2. Number of bloggers, celebs etc

5. Project #3 is tax deadline day

5.1. Focus of the ORS from Nov - Jan

5.1.1. gives us time to put in other behind the scenes groundwork we need to do