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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project

1. The target audience will be shipley college students which are 16-20 year olds. older people also attend the college.

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2. The target audience are male and female multicultural students.

3. Target Audience

4. What to include

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4.2. Images- I will need to include the Shipley College logo. When creating my desktop image they would have to be space for the college logo and icons.

4.3. I will have to make sure the image for the desktop is not too busy as this might not appeal to everyone, and this would also clutter the desktop which will then not have enough space for all the icons needed.

4.4. I will have to make sure there isnt anything offensive on the desktop image.

4.5. Colour- I would have to keep the desktop simple yet eyecatching as this is aimed at media students.

4.6. I would have to include the heading Media Suite on my desktop image. I will also have to havee enough space to include 20 icons on my desktop image.

5. Ideas and examples

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5.1.1. This desktop image has space for icons and a logo, the image is calma and relaxing,

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5.2.1. This destop image has a clear sci fi theme and is quite colourful.

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5.3.1. This is the current Media Suite desktop image which is media related and quite simple with plenty of space for icons and college logo.

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5.4.1. This desktop image has a sport theme, it is colourful yet simple.

6. Themes

6.1. The theme for my desktop image will be media related as it is for the Media Suite.

6.2. Font-

7. Student Charter

7.1. Positive thinking and attitude. Costuctive Feedback.

8. Inspirational images

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8.1.1. images of areas of the College can be used as inspiration for the desktop image.

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8.2.1. Images of parts of the inside of the College can also be used as inspiration.