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My First Baby by Mind Map: My First Baby
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My First Baby

Inspired by

Hospital Bag Checklist

Labor & Birth

After birth

For the baby



Good, Lean meat, Leafy vegetables, Whole grain bread, Unsaturated fats, (Non-fat) milk, Beans and lentils, Low mercury fish, Foods that are high in folate and Vitamin B, Drink lots of water!

Bad, Soft cheese, Deli meats that have not been cooked, High mercury fish, Raw eggs, Alcohol

Check-up schedule

8-12 weeks: Initial prenatal visit

Optional genetic counseling visit

First two trimesters: Prenatal visits continue every 4-6 weeks

15 to 20 weeks: Quad Screen test

27 or 28 weeks: Glucose challenge test

28 to 36 weeks: After 28 weeks, prenatal visits continue every 2-3 weeks until 36 weeks.

36 weeks: Pelvic exam and Group B Strep test

36 to 40 weeks

40+ weeks

Exercise routine

Childbirth classes

Baby Essentials

Diaper and Layetes

Baby Care

The Baby's Gear

Safety and Health



Immunization Schedule

At birth

Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV)

1-2 months

Second dose HBV

2 months

DTaP: Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis vaccine

Hib: Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine

IPV: Inactivated poliovirus vaccine

PCV: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Rota: Rotavirus vaccine

4 months






6 months





6 months and annually


6-18 months



How to use this map

Use this map to prepare for your first baby


We've already prepared lists of recommendable foods and those you should avoid during your pregnancy

The check-up schedule is a list of generally recommended check-ups you should attend during your pregnancy. Add the dates of your actual appointments using "Tasks" and check them off once you've completed them

Follow the links provided for the different topics to get ideas for exercise routines and to find out what awaits you at childbirth class., Add your own schedules using the "Task" option


Make a list of all essential items you want to take with you when the big day comes

Check out the link to get ideas and find out what you really need

Immunization schedule

We've prepared a list of generally recommended immunizations and when they are due. Follow the link or ask your doctor or midwife to get more information

Add the dates of your actual appointments using the "Task" function


Write down all the items you need to acquire before your baby arrives

Check out the link to find out what's essential