Local Community-Based Groups

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Local Community-Based Groups by Mind Map: Local Community-Based Groups

1. Like "Gardening Clubs"

1.1. Find a "core" of people with like interests

2. Enthusiasm & Exuberance!

3. Local Advertising

3.1. Advertised in meetups.com

3.2. Advertised in local newspapers via articles and press releases

3.3. Advertised via poster campaigns

3.4. Advertised via other existing groups, clubs, schools, and organizations

4. Help in finding affordable meeting spaces and supporters

4.1. How to avoid paying for meeting spaces at all

4.2. How to bring in other organizations to support you AND get their own people involved

5. Duties and Task Assignments

5.1. Leadership

5.1.1. President/Founder (Paid position)

5.1.2. Recruiting Director (Paid 2nd tier if they recruit a new group founder/leader)

5.1.3. Vice-President

5.1.4. Treasurer

5.1.5. Secretary Minutes of meetings

5.1.6. Meeting Director

5.1.7. Meeting organizer

5.2. Mini-website at minimum

5.3. Documentation and press release writers

5.4. Video Documentation Teams

5.5. If an adult group: Kids are welcomed to meetings as guests only - this isn't for kids - it's for adults

5.5.1. Children MUST be well behaved.

5.5.2. Kid Kicker-Outer - let the kids and the parents of the kids down gently if the kids are too young still

6. If a group becomes too large, it "splits" into "competing" groups - with prizes! Doesn't have to be a very big prize.

7. As long as it stays fun, it is great!