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Project ARSC 3100 by Mind Map: Project ARSC 3100

1. Find organizations that help promote those who are intersted in game deve

1.1. Latinx in gaming

1.2. We are games Devs

1.3. ALl of these 3 organzations are here to promote diversy and inclusion,who identify as poc, latinx. allowing a space for them to share their stories, games, ideas, or having a community.

1.4. Puerto Rico Game developr assocation

2. My Argument is there a lack of represenation in gaming industry. Making it hard for latine/latinx gamer to feel conneted with thier culture and hertiage through gaming.

2.1. It's important: Bringing awarness not just for Latinx/ communtity but for poc communties, understanding there need to be more diversity and inclusion in the game creations.

3. Orginally wanted to search more about the Gaming industry and how it tries to inlcude "Latindad" in their games

4. Orginally wanted to search more about how video games or the gaming industry make us feel more connected with our culture.

4.1. But if theres lack of represenation then how does the gaming indursty tries to make latinos/as or poc feel connected with culture?

4.1.1. In "Ready player Juan" talks about how in game creation/ production theres a lack or wokers who identify as latinas, reason why there is still stereotype. We just don’t see many stories not centering whiteness. Talks about the struggles about how obtain a game console In the united states ps5 cost around $500 or building a pc costs around $700-2000. In latine country it's more expnesive. The example he provide was In brazil a ps5 costs $750. male bodies) exist only in stereotypes, only name three playable Latina characters in the last 20 years: Isabella Keyes, Christie Monteiro, and Sombra. Notable here, Sombra was only added after the launch of Overwatch Latinxs are considered the fastest growing group of people to identify as gamers? (Pew). Latinxs are continually underrepresented as marginalized peoples in all our media

4.1.2. In the article "Getting Your mind/Body on: Latinos in Video games

4.1.3. In Exploring the Ditgital Land of the Dead Hybrid Pan-Latindad in Grim Fandango. The article focues on the game "Grim Fandango"is an advanture game, takes place in Dia de los muetors underworld in 1940s The author understands and knowlged the lack of represenation in video games. There only couple that will actually play the "Latine" Character. Conclusion: The game can be view in two ways. Where the game is missing latinx culture. When latinx playters are playuing might be a lost how this conncted with their hertiage/ culture. if the game is mixing cultures. or a there actual represenation iin the game.

4.1.4. The articles I research focuses on how Latinos/as are largest group who tend to play more video games

5. According to Thegaurdian, UK video game developmemter creat a website to create more inclusivty and represenation in working the gaming industry.

6. Latina/os about video games?

6.1. There a lack of actually representation in video games

7. Argument: Why arent gaming indsutry more inclusive...

7.1. whos actually working?

7.1.1. main white people overtaking the gaming industry. As time as pass there

7.2. The Internationa Game developers association

7.2.1. reported within the gaming industry about 19% identofy as Latinx inn 2021 but in 2005 about 2.5% idenfity hispanic/latino It was increase 16% throughtout in 19 years.

7.3. who they care about there user?

7.4. Why arent they remove those steretoypes?

7.4.1. Chicana women are seen as