Create Gemini Architecture

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Create Gemini Architecture by Mind Map: Create Gemini Architecture

1. User Management Engine

1.1. Define User Management Module

1.1.1. Validate Design User Management Module Configure User Management Module

2. Security and Access Engine

2.1. Define Security and Access System

2.1.1. Validate Security and Access Definition Design Security and Access Configure Security and Access

3. Business Scenario Engine

3.1. Define Small Business Simulation Models

3.1.1. Validate Models Develop Simulation Models QA

3.2. Design Web Application

3.2.1. Validate Web Application Design UI Developp Web Application

3.3. Define Data Sets

3.3.1. Design Database Validate Data Set and DB Design Program Database

4. Progress Engine

4.1. Define Actual Data Capture

4.1.1. Validate Data Capture Develop Data Capture Application QA

4.2. Define Comparison Module

4.2.1. Validate Comparison Method Develop Compariso Module QA

5. Recommendation Engine

5.1. Define Recommendation Logic

5.1.1. Validate Recommendation Logic Develop Recommendation Application QA

5.2. Define Recommendation Set

5.2.1. Validate Recommendation Set Develop Recommendation Set QA

6. Chat Bot Engine

6.1. Define Chatbot

6.1.1. Validate Chatbot Definition Define Integration with SagerMaker Validate SageMaker Define Integration with Gemini Validate Gemini

7. BI Engine

7.1. DB Design

7.1.1. Validate DB Design DB Develoopemnt QA

7.2. Define Data Set

7.2.1. Validate Data Set Define Access Method Validate Access Method Define Data Access Policies Validate Data Access Policies Define Data Set Retention Validate Data Retention Policies Define Data Compression Develop Data Compression

7.3. Define Reporting Capabilities

7.3.1. Validate Reporting Capabilities Develop Reporting Capabilities QA

7.4. Define Results Capture Module

7.4.1. Validate Results Capture Develop Resukts Capture QA