Gemini Business Development

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Gemini Business Development by Mind Map: Gemini Business Development

1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

1.1. # of New Business doing Simulation

1.2. # Enterpreneur Subscriptions

1.3. Percentage of convertions to Enterprenuer Subscription

1.4. # of Executive Subscriptions

1.5. # of cancelled Subscriptions

1.6. # of viral Clicks

1.7. # of viral subscriptions

1.8. # of views on the web

2. Customer retention

2.1. Online Customer Service

2.2. Phone Customer Service

3. Marketing Strategy

3.1. Strategic Marketing Channels

3.2. Public Relation Engagement

3.3. Social Media Content

3.3.1. Tik Tok

3.3.2. Youtube

3.4. Viral feature

3.5. Free Entrepreneur Subscritpion

3.6. Low barrier of entry: 3 months free trial, NTD 3000/month unlimited users, Minimum IT cost, low learning curve, Web and App access, Integration with POS equipment, anytime anywhere access.

3.7. Content Marketing

4. Lead Generation

4.1. Web Ad (keywords: Start-up, New Business, etc.)

4.2. Partnership with Business Registration Offices

4.3. Viral features

4.4. Web, Facebook, Linken, Instagram and X Presence

4.5. Social Media Ads: Tik Tok, You Tube, Facebook, Linken, Instagram and X.

4.6. Search engine optimization (SEO) and affiliate marketing partnerships.

5. Sales Strategy

5.1. Web Sales

5.2. Passive Chat Sales

5.3. Passive phone sales

5.4. Price to be affordable to Small Businesses

6. Partnerships Development

6.1. Active Parntership Effort

6.1.1. Government Agencies

6.1.2. Business Associations

6.1.3. Online Real State Sites

6.1.4. Financial Entities

7. Product Launch Strategy

7.1. Educational Content in Tik-Tok and Youtube

7.2. PR campaign

7.2.1. Reach out to journalists and relevant bloggers. Secure media coverage.