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Ardunio Project by Mind Map: Ardunio Project

1. wireless LED

1.1. Componets

1.1.1. Ardunio X 2

1.1.2. Ardunio espora

1.1.3. Male/Female wires

1.1.4. LED X 3

1.1.5. Breadboard

1.1.6. Battery

1.1.7. Code

1.1.8. Resistor

1.2. Insperations

1.2.1. My insperation for this project was wireless lights taht you could crontrol with a remote, i have seen these everywhere because they are easy to use and very convenient

2. Socal issues

2.1. Job Displacement

2.1.1. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines. AI has the potential to replace many jobs in the future, as it can perform tasks that are currently difficult or impossible for humans to do. However, there is no guarantee that AI will kill off all jobs. In fact, some jobs that may be replaced by AI may become more valuable as a result.

2.2. Being surpassed by robots

2.2.1. Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to permeate our daily lives by 2025. This could have huge implications on several business sectors, most notably healthcare, customer service and logistics. Already, AI is responsible for medical research breakthroughs and climate research, not to mention self-driving cars.

2.3. Security

2.3.1. Will cyber security move forward as fast as AI technology? It would be a disaster to let the systems and programs of AI be infiltrated by ill intentions.

3. Purpose and Audience

3.1. The purpose of the project is to make a cool thing with an Arduino Esplora and Arduino Uno which in this case i have chosen a wireless led (kinda) The Audience ofr the is project is 'lazy people'. which means it is for people wo are laying in bed getting to comfortable and do not want to get out to turn the lights off (if they forgot aka me). This also could be used for people who want Temperay lights and not permenat lights, for example, imagine you need to put up nights outside for christmas but only want them on at night so you could use lights that can be controlled wirelessly to turn them off or on form inside of your home.

4. Resources / Tools

4.1. ChatGPT (

4.1.1. i will use chatgpt as my last resort of help

4.2. Google(

4.2.1. Main recorse for HELP and research

4.3. Patrick Traynor (Friend) :wolf: :mango:

4.3.1. Will most likley use his help and he is real life CHATGPT