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道可道,非常道: 中國人怎樣創造並傳遞知識 by Mind Map: 道可道,非常道:
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道可道,非常道: 中國人怎樣創造並傳遞知識

Puzzled by last session: How did a 40% presentation elicit an 80% response? ^ ^

A Chinese approach to knowledge creation and transfer


鍊與悟,體與用: 拳譜思維的特點

中庸: 天命之謂性,率性之謂道,修道之謂教

陶淵明: 好讀書,不求甚解,每有會意,便欣然忘食

道可道,非常道: 中西求知範式的重要分野

又涉翻譯問題: Explicit Knowledge 與 Tacit Knowledge 的分別

請問這樣的知識是「顯性」還是「隱性」? 諸天述說 神的榮耀‧穹蒼傳揚他的手段。 這日到那日發出言語‧這夜到那夜傳出知識。 無言無語、也無聲音可聽。 它的量帶通遍天下、它的言語傳到地極。 詩十九1-4a

What Knowledge Management theorists finally recognized: Knowledge can be shared, not managed

A brief history of the development of Knowledge Management. 1st Generation (prior to 1995). Focus was on information flow to support decision makers: Executive Information Systems, Data Warehousing and Process Re-engineering. 2nd Generation (since the publication of The Knowledge Creating Company by Nonaka and Takeuchi in1995). Focus on Content Management: knowledge as thing to be identified and catalogued; converting private assets into public assets through the extraction of knowledge into codified form. 3rd Generation (2000-) Focus on the management of the ecology of knowledge— Context Management, the manager as a gardener: Influence rather than control of the environment; connecting and linking people.  


「實踐檢驗真理」: 黑貓白貓, 捉到耗子的便是好貓



Russia’s Leaders See China as Template for Ruling [NYTimes 091017

維權月費戰 律師小勝中移 獲賠錢和解 倘掀申訴潮或涉數百億 [明報 091027

Experiential Learning

西一9,10:Experiential Learning in spiritual pursuit

9. 因此、我們自從聽見的日子、也就為你們不住的禱告祈求、願你們在一切屬靈的智慧悟性上、滿心知道 神的旨意‧ 10. 好叫你們行事為人對得起主、凡事矇他喜悅、在一切善事上結果子、漸漸的多知道 神‧

The Dilemma of Learning