Rosa Parks

Key facts about this important figure in history

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Rosa Parks by Mind Map: Rosa Parks

1. Young Adulthood

1.1. What happened later on in her life?

1.2. Married: Raymond Parks in 1932

1.3. Joined the NAACP with her husband

1.4. Became chapter secretary

2. Childhood

2.1. What was Rosa Parks' childhood like?

2.2. Born: February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama

2.3. Lived: On a farm; picked cotton and raised chickens

2.4. Hobbies: Fishing and Reading

3. Later Life

3.1. What did she do in her later life?

3.2. 1980: received Martin Luther King, Jr Non-violent Peace Prize

3.3. 1987: founded Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute of Self Development

3.4. 1992: published autobiography 'Rosa Parks: My Story'

4. Civil Rights

4.1. Role in Civil Rights Movement

4.2. December 1, 1955 Arrested: for not giving up her seat to a white male

4.3. December 5, 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott: lasted 381 days

4.4. Helped desegregate public transportation