Elements of Art

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Elements of Art by Mind Map: Elements of Art

1. Space

1.1. Distance between two objects in a picture plane

1.1.1. Positive space

1.1.2. Negative space

2. Shape

2.1. Space that can be defined by edges

2.1.1. Geometric shape

2.1.2. Organic shape

3. Texture

3.1. Creates a "feel" in an piece and makes it appear more tangible

3.1.1. Authentic texture

3.1.2. Implied texture

4. Color

4.1. Hue

4.1.1. Primary colors

4.1.2. Secondary colors

5. Value

5.1. Lightness and darkness in an image

5.1.1. Highlights

5.1.2. Shadows

5.1.3. Midtones

6. Line

6.1. Distance between two points, often used to define shape

6.1.1. "Actual" line

6.1.2. Implied line