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electronic detection of plagiarism by Mind Map: electronic detection of
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electronic detection of plagiarism


pilot studies

Mulcahy & Goodacre 2004

Evans 2006

institutional roll outs

Badge paper

Heap & Woolls, 2006

guidelines for use by staff

lindsay 2003

perceptions of staff

perceived benefits, increased detection, prevention of pl, decrease in workload, increase in quality of work

perceived problems/ barriers, increase in workload, Mulcahy & Goodacre 2004, Sutherland-smith & Carr 2005, Atkinson & Yeoh 2008, warn 2006, evans 2006, increase in cases/ cases take time to process thru disciplinary, Atkinson & Yeoh, not improving work just avoiding copying, not working properly, Atkinson & Yeoh 2008

training of staff, staff need training in interpretation of OR, Mulcahy & Goodacre 2004, Goddard & Rudzki 2005

ethical considerations, Jenson & Castell 2004

perceptions of students

self-reported levels of cheating, McCabe etc.., Szabo & Underwood 2004, evans 2006, Franklyn-Stokes & Newstead 1995

perception of being caught

concern at being unjustly accused or accidental plagiarism, martin, stubbs and troop 2006

ease of use/ electronic handing in, Atkinson & Yeoh 2008, dahl 2007

copyright concerns, Purdy 2005

student view on seeing OR, Dahl 2007

software/ systems in use

type of detection


copying from internet, Atkinson & Yeoh 2008, Culwin & Lancaster 2004

both collusion and internet copying, Butakov & Scherbinin, Knight & Bimber, Knight, Alermoth & Bimber 2004 conf, Barrie & Presti 1996

overall reviews, VAIL 200?, McKeever 2006, briggs 2008, Bull 2001

paraphrasing/ ideas

Chester 2001

comparison of usability

comparison of accuracy

Weber-Wuff 2008a, b

limitations, Purdy 2005, not searching certain sources, Atkinson & Yeoh 2008, legal problems, Purdy 2005, Royce 2003, Warn 2006

Braumoeller & Gaines 2001

detection rates

Braumoeller & Gaines 2001

mode of use


student led: using own systems to check work, viper/, write check (TII), online tutorials, Jackson 2006

tutor led, resubmission of work/ using drafts, tutor supported, tutors check work and view OR with student for resubmission, KEY PAPER Davis & Carroll in press, Barrett & Malcolm 2006, Hyland 2001, Lakomy & Price 2004, Culwin 2006 conf, culwin 2006 aehe, student use, peer review, Ledwith & Risquez 2008, student open access and multiple drafts allowed, Davis 2007


whole class submission, results demonstrated to students, next assignment decrease in plagiarism, Braumoeller & Gaines 2001, Ledwith & Risquez 2008

suspect cases only

resubmission, Barrett & Malcolm 2006

prevention/ deterrent

perception of punishment as education, Sutherland-smith & Carr 2005, Johnson 2004, Bennett 2005

perception of risk/benefit analysis by students dependent on penalties, Woessner 2004, martin, stubbs and troop 2006

rates of plagiarism observed to decrease over time, Culwin 2006 conf


uptake by institutions


USA, Auer & Krupar 2001

Australia, Mulcahy & Goodacre 2004

drivers for uptake?

external examiners



policy and penalties


consistency of practice/ quality assurance?


public effects

adverse publicity, Schemo 2001

effects of penalties on students, Sutherland-smith & Carr 2005, Johnson 2004