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Cloud-based mind mapping: Advantages and obstacles by Mind Map: Cloud-based mind mapping:
Advantages and obstacles
5.0 stars - 67 reviews range from 0 to 5

Cloud-based mind mapping: Advantages and obstacles



Real-Time Collaboration

Access anywhere, anytime

No client - browser is client

Cloud-storage of maps, All user data backed up

Easily integrate web sources, Dropbox, Google Drive, Wikipedia

Login via Google, Facebook, Twitter

One product, No rollout / updating, No old versions around

Secure, encrypted communication



Win-Win, Website = Sales team, Lower price, Low Cost of Goods, Lower price, Subscription model, Pay as you go, No upfront investment, Fast update cycles, Frequent new features, Instant bug fixes, Email access to customers, Always informed

More competitive, Increased productivity through collaboration, Low cost, high quality software, Fast start



Requires Internet connection

Reliance on browser vendors

Technical limitations, OS integration, Offline usage, Graphics (up to 2011)


Privacy concerns, PRISM / NSA disaster

Insufficient understanding of Cloud

Company IT policies

Compliance with legal issues

Fast-paced marketplace


Market-leading online mind mapping and brainstorming solution

Launched in 2007

Over 2 million users today

Launched in May 2007, MindMeister has since attracted hundreds of thousands of businesses, academic institutions and creative consumers who have mapped over 300 million ideas online.


Real-time brainstorming sessions

History View

Presentation Mode

Mobile access

iOS, iPad, iPhone

Android Tablet & Phone


Available in Google Drive / Apps / / ...

>100.000 Public Maps

Many Add-on Tools